A brief comment on the NYT article: “Tripoli Divided as Rebels Jostle to Fill Power Vacuum”

A recent article of the New York Post mentionned how rebels are divided in Libya. I was so surprised to read this title from a NYT article!  Since we all know that the NYT is a pro neocon and warmongers newspapers, distorting the truth to serve its masters’ agenda.

I was naive to think that NYT could have reported truth, even for once. Indeed, when reading the article, I immediately noticed that the author was, on one side reporting some very well known facts (division amongst rebels), but on the other side, misleading the readers when forgetting to mention crucial informations, and lying in a desperate attempt to defend Nato’s intervention and support for Al Qaeda rebels.

Let’s start with the analysis of some extracts:

NYT:The country was little more than a loose federation of regions and tribes before Colonel Qaddafi came to power. His reliance on favoritism and repression to maintain control did little to bridge Libya’s regional, ethnic and ideological divisions”

This first allegation is false. Indeed, all major tribes are supporting the resistance and fighting for LIBYA. They fight for one country, their country. Why would Nato and their rebels struggle so much to take control of the country if they weren’t facing such a strong resistance? Resistance from Libyan Patriots, no matter which tribe they are from. 

NYT: And although the transition so far has been surprisingly orderly — almost no looting and little violence — Tripoli has become an early test of the revolution’s ability to bridge those divisions because in contrast to other Libyan cities liberated by their own residents, Colonel Qaddafi was ousted from Tripoli by brigades from other regions, and most remain in the streets”

This sentence contains so many lies and misinformations… I don’t even know where to start with. Since day 1, hundreds of reports coming from independent sources inside Libya, we reporting mass murders of Black people by the rebels. Even mainstream medias seem now to report this fact, because it is getting harder and harder to hide. 

On top of that, rebels were given huge quantities of weapons (which is, by the way, a violation of the UNSC 1973 resolution) and enjoy world’s most powerfull air cover by Nato evil forces. As soon as they see a green flag, they shoot to kill.

Also, the article goes on and states that Colonel Gaddafi was ousted from Tripoli by brigades from other regions. First off, Gaddafi wasn’t ousted. He is still in Libya and still has massive popular support. And if the rebels entered Tripoli, it is because Nato was providing massive air support shooting and bombing the streets to open the way to the rebels. Nato’s action was so violent that more than 1’300 people died in less than 12hours. Plus, Qatari, British and French special forces were on the ground assisting the rebels.

Furthermore, saying that other Libyan cities were liberated by their own residents is a total lie ! Only a few cities are under rebel controls, and the ones that are under their control have been taken by force. Just see what they’re currently doing to Sirte. They are taking inhuman actions, surrounding the city and cutting its inhabitants from food and water supply to make them surrender. 

The almost “No Looting” part is also an incredible lie. Destroying embassies and attempted murders on ambassadors are acts of extreme violence and can easily be qualified as “LOOTING”. Plus, this shows a total disregard for international laws and a blattant lack of respect diplomatic representations. 

NYT:Mr. Belhaj had been a leader of the disbanded Libyan Islamist Fighting Group, which rebelled against Colonel Qaddafi in the 1990s”

This sentence, amid all the disinnformtaion mainstream medias feed people with daily, almost describes Belhadj as a hero. A hero that dared defying Gaddafi the monster. No need to expose the lies that medias have fed us with for the last 40 years about Muammar Gaddafi. This type of information can be easily found on the Internet, and anyone can purchase the Green Book and understand Gaddafi’s vision for humanity. 

Please look at the below video to understand who Mr. Belhaj really is: 


This is no big news that the New York Times is a biased source of information. All mainstream medias are biased sources of informations. One has to be very careful when reading or watching the news and try to get information from multiple sources.

See how many lies can fit in just one article ! Our job, to us, citizens fighting for justice, is to keep exposing the lies whenever we detect them.

“The first casualty of war is Truth”



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