African Union is not ready to recognize the Transitional National Council / PNS / as the only legitimate authority in Libya

Libya has been bombed for 6 month now… The country is being destroyed, thousands of civilians are dead and thousands more are dying under heavy NATO shelling and AlQaeda blood thirsty rebels brutality. Others are dying because of power, water and food supply shortages

African Union not recognizing the TNC is at least a political message. Can we talk about a “Strong” political message ? I guess not. Since African Union’s voice is not respected by the White Empire. Remember when Gaddafi accepted AU’s road map to implement elections under UN supervision? The UN and Nato member countries refused. What happened next ? Nothing, they kept carrying out their criminal and ILLEGAL war

Depsite the Empire’s not taking AU’s voice into consideration, Zimbabwe took an excellent decision that all African countries should absolutely follow.

Read the article about the AU not recognizing the TNC here:



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