Crimes of rebels on black Libyan man


As it has been reported hundreds of time since the beginning of the War in Libya, rebels are carying out an ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans & Black Africans.

Their excuse is that these men are mercenaries hired by Gaddafi. Though, they have no proof of such mercenaries in Libya to defend Gaddafi.

The situation is very critical, and the rebels (enjoying a full Nato air support and French, English and Qatari forces on the ground) can keep slaughtering Black people as they wish. As well as white Libyans not supporting them. In total disregard of the Geneva Convention. And Nato are supporting them

And all those crimes are taking place under the total consent of Nato members who are actually arming those barbarous Al Qaeda rebels and even giving them the military command of Tripoli.

How can western people be so blind and think that their governments are bombing Libya for “humanitarian” reasons?! They are totally brainwahsed 


This video was recorded in Al-Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi.



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