Same Game, Different Country

Next stop: Syria. 45252.jpeg

An article from the New York Times informs that the attorney General of the Syrian province of Hama resigns to protest against “atrocities” committed by the Assad government. 

The current scenario that mainstream medias are implementing in regards to Syria, is very much like the one they implemented in regards to Libya. The scheme remains unchanged.

First, we have a government allegedly killing peaceful protesters (who were trained, armed, and funded by the US state department ), then some officials start resigning and protest against their government. We also have a very well organized exiled opposition who invade TV shows to explain how brutal the current regime is, who call the International Community ( about 5 countries who actually decide and 20 that follow the orders, out of a total of 192 countries) to take action. 

Once the warmongers are sure that the public opinion is 100% brainwashed, they’ll meet at the UN and vote another resolution which will allow Nato to bomb civilians and destroy the country, to remove a non aligned government. 

Though, this time,Russia’s weak president Medvedev, will have to stop playing his duplicitous game, and take a firm stance to defend it’s interests (Notably Russia’s military base in Tartus)

Time will tell…



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