Seif-Al-Islam Al-Qaddafi: Army in Good Condition, Resistance Will be Victorious

Translation by:

I’m now speaking to you from the outskirts of Tripoli.

I would like to reassure our brothers everywhere that now just gone noon; we passed by Al-Azizya.

We met the youth over there; we also met our brothers in Wershefana, we also met some people from Nawahiy El Arbaa.

We also visited the areas adjacent to Tripoli, we have seen people today in high spirits, and we also met some youth from the inner areas such as those from Abu Sleem and also those from El-Hadba.

They reassured me of the situation on the inside, I would like to reassure people that we are present, everything is fine and the struggle is on-going and that victory is near.

Today our brothers also relayed me a message that there was a big tribal meeting in Werfalla & Bani Walid in which they decided: to reply to the verbal threats that were received from the armed rebels and rats that said that they must surrender or we will use military force to storm into Bani Walid. They took a majority decision: “to hell with you and to hell with NATO this is our country we live and die on it”.

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