after Libya Algeria is next (Part 2)

By Dennis South

“In my previous contribution, entitled, “Algeria is next,” I offered my opinion that Algeria must now unite with Libya.  As you will see from the below excerpt, Al-Qaeda in the Maghrib has been rated by Western and Russian intelligence as being the best-armed military power in the region.  Algeria’s Foreign Minister, Mourad Medelci, told Europe 1 radio that Algeria would recognize the NTC once it had set up a “government representative of all regions.” He added, “When it has done so, we’ll recognized it.”

This cautious statement was issued, quite obviously, because Algeria knows that it would be foolish to prematurely recognize a bunch of genocidal maniacs, claiming to have the ability to establish a government, when, in fact, they are currently divided into many factions, all of which are fighting with each other at this moment.  Algeria would be stupid to recognize maniacal terrorists.  Algeria’s best choice is to unite with Libya, not the NTC.  Algeria has traditionally shared Libya’s distrust of Western interference in North Africa, and would do well to maintainthat distrust.

The below article notes that, aside from AQIM, which numbers no more than 4000, there are other rival Arab-Muslim groups in North Africa, vying for control of North African countries.  As I said in the first article on Algeria, Algeria now has no choice but to unite with the forces of the Jamahiriya to rid Algeria, which is now, at this moment, engaged in a vicious battle with AQIM, of all of the CIA-financed and backed groups in the area, including AQIM.  There is no choice.  To fight AQIM, which is heavily armed, will take unity. Algeria must not underestimate the conveniance of the northern countries, and their willingness and ability to disrupt the Algerian state.

The “Islamists,” as they are wrongly called, and Al-Qaeda, have no understanding of what it means to run a modern state.  They think only about the superficialities of what they call “Islam,” as well as establishing what they call “Sharia,”  or “Islamic law.”

In the area under consideration, only Libya and Algeria know how to run a modern state, and how to coordinate their militaries, and fight in a professional military manner. Everybody knows that Gaddafi won the war months ago.  The “rebels” were in disarray, as they are untrained as a military.  It is only NATO that’s keeping this war going.  Even if NATO left and Al-Qaeda remained, the Libyan Army would crush all Al-Qaeda forces in Libya within days.

So, as I said before, Algeria and Libya simply have no choice but to combine forces and quickly for the purpose of re-establishing order in both states, and then, in my opinion, carrying on the Al-Fateh Revolution until all North Africa is united, under the Jamahiriya system.  Unity is the only thing that will save North Africa from the northern countries.

Al-Qaeda in all its forms must be eradicated in Algeria and Libya.  AQIM would not be able to stand up to the combined forces of Algeria and Libya.  Algeria has an air force that “presently maintains an inventory of 440 aircraft, including 104 jet combat aircraft, 73 transport and patrol aircraft, 31 trainers, and 191 helicopters.” (Wikipedia)

The northern countries, along with their Al-Qaeda terrorist friends, are working together, although each of them have seperate, ultimateagendas.  Remember the saying of Prophet Muhammad: “All disbelief forms one community.”  Both the northern countries, as well as Al-Qaeda and the so-called “Islamists,” form the same destructive community, as is now out for all to see.

They sew disorder in this world, one for the purpose of greed, and the other for the purpose of creating modern Muslim “countries” as oppressive states, that bar their women from attaining education, from driving the streets, from marrying whom they please, and whose understanding of Islam goes no further than their superficial ideas aboutwearing beards, walking into the mosque with your right foot first, and defining anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they do as “kafiroon,” that is, “disbelievers.”  They must be stopped.

Algeria and the Libyan Jamahiriya must unite, without fanfare, without announcement.  Then they must create a deep, comprehensive military plan, using all of the force at their disposal, including Algeria’s air force, to unleash a devastating, tactical, precise and final blow against the forces of disorder that seek to take Libya, Algeria, and all of North Africa.  Algeria and Libya are governments.

It is time to establish, on paper, The Great Socialist North African Jamahiria, or the NAJ (North African Jamahiriya).  This is a matter of survival, not ideology, at this point.  The ideology is important, and has been worked out for 42 years by the Libyan Jamahiriya.  But what is more fundamentally important, at this point, is survival.  In unity there is strength!  Now to the DEBKAfile excerpt.

Al Qaeda sets its sights on Algeria too

AQIM leaders will be guided not just by internal Libyan considerationsbut the broader picture which would also include their chances of attaining power in next door Algeria.  Since Saturday, August 20, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been holding emergency consultations with his armed forces and intelligence chiefs on ways of preventing the spillover of the Libyan insurgency and of stopping Al Qaeda incursions into Algeria.

His forces have failed to stem the flow of weapons from the Libyan rebel center of Benghazi to AQIM which began five months ago. Western and Russian intelligence sources report AQIM is now the best-armed military power in the region, having accumulated an arsenal bigger than the regular armies of Chad, Niger and Mali.

Sunday 21.8, the day Western-backed rebel forces marched into Tripoli, Algeria’s high command placed its ground units on the Libyan border on the highest alert and increased the number of flyovers and air reconnaissance operations.  This was in response to unusual movements of quasi-military 4 x 4 vehicles in the Bezai and Ouaker regions of southern Algerian in the vicinity of the Libyan border.
Qaddafi’s downfall has in other words given AQIM a strong edge in the competition among rival Arab-Muslim groups and organizations vying for control of North Africa countries.”

(source: Mathaba )



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