after Libya Algeria is Next…

By Dennis South

“Towards the end of this video, the very sharp, young Syrian gives his opinion that the Western machinations in Syria are close to being totally shut down by the Syrian government.  So, he believes, Algeria will be next.

The truth is, the war against Algeria has already started, as it is locked in a vicious battle with Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, otherwise known as AQIM.  Please read this call for a new vision.  Algeria and the Libyan government can agree, on paper, today, without announcing anything to the public, to join together as one unit. Algeria and Libya are fighting the same forces. They must, therefore, unite to defeat them.

Dr. Webster Tarpley has stated, for years, that Al-Qaeda is the private army of the CIA. And today, the enemy does not even attempt, anymore, to hide this fact, as even Barack Obama has openly admitted that Al-Qaeda is in Tripoli. Dr. Tarpley has been lecturing that the purpose of the U.S. is to destroy the nation-state, especially those nation-states that are strongly independent.

The aggression against Libya was only the first punch. The real fight is for control, first, of all of North Africa, and then, in time, all of Africa. They are not playing. They seek as Hitler’s Nazi Germany sought: a racist reign over this earth that will last for one-thousand years. They wantslaves. The northern countries have never viewed the brown and black countries of The South as equals.  They see those populations as inferior and of no consequence.

This must be understood. That is their vision. Occasionally, that idea of a thousand-year reign is openly discussed, by U.S. political experts, at forums.

That vision can only be stopped by unity. Libya and Algeria, to start, must unite right now, without necessarily announcing it to the entire world. Then coordination of effort between the two, in fighting the enemy, can go forward strongly, and the enemy’s plans in North Africa can be defeated, and AIQM, as well as Al-Qaeda in Libya, can be thorougly crushed. North Africa must become an Al-Qaeda/CIA-free zone!

This is not even a matter of political philosophy, or “wild-eyed” idealism.  This is a matter of survival.  One need not adhere to a political philosophy, or a religious philosophy, to understand that survival is fundamental. The purpose of every system of the human body itself, in fact, is to maintain homeostasis and when those systems maintain homeostasis, then they maintain the survival of the human body.

Libya is not the issue. All of North Africa, to begin with, is the issue. So, it is going to take all of North Africa, working together, to defeat the plans of the U.S. and Britain to rule this earth for the next one-thousand years.”

(source: Mathaba )


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