‘Green Libya’ Fights Against NATO-Al Qaeda Invaders


By Marek Glogoczowski

“On Sept. 1st, representatives of 60 countries gathered in Paris and decided that the ‘legal’ government of “Democratic Libya” is the self-appointed Transitional National Council (TNC), formed half a year ago from former “Green Libya” bureaucrats in Bengazi. It means that since this moment, for these 60 NATO (& Al-Kaida) sympathizers, “insurgents” in Libya have turned into “legitimate rulers” of this very small (considering its population of only 6 million) country.

At the same time, the still controlling several cities (Syrta, Sabha, etc.) and immense deserts of Libya sympathizers of “Green Jamahurdyia” have become “rebels” and “insurgents” fighting against the NATO-alKaida planned “New-old Kingdom of Libya”.

So, few new news from anti-NATO “green front” in this African country:

1. Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi Speech on September 8th, 2011

“To our brave Libyan people that are resisting; the land of Libya is your property and your right from the days of your grandfathers and great grandfathers.

Those that attempt to revoke it from you; are the insiders , foreign backed mercenaries and stray dogs, those foreigners that have resided in Libya for a long time that attempt to take the land of your grandfathers away from you.

This is impossible we will never leaver the land of our grandfathers, their families back then where spies for Italy, and nowadays are spies for France and Britain the same sons are following in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers; the steps of dishonor.

These rats and armed scum; are examples of their grandfathers. Each one of them is a clone and a mock-up of traitor-ship, they aren’t Libyan, ask about any of those that are backed by NATO; that destroys Libyan infrastructure and kills Libyan children; you’ll find that his grandfather and his dad where traitors. They carry the genes of traitors.

Do you think those who carry the genes of traitors from their grandparents and great grandparents are going to decide the fate of the Libyan people? These people when they realize that the Libyan people have turned up the ratchet and have refused to accept them they revert to the dirty tricks of the villainous Arab TV channels and the gulf donkeys.”

2. The very recent report from Libya that the city of Bani Wald (roughly 50 thousands of inhabitants, 100 km south-east of Tripoli) is not yet ready for surrender to NATO dictate:


3. “Refugie from Tripoli” Thierry Meyssan longer text documenting up to which point “US (‘God’) created al-Kaida” forms the “cheep mercenary army” fighting for NATO colonizers.


4. the message of ELAC sent by my colleague Michel Luc, who insist that the real enemy of “Green Libya”, wishing its disappearance, is not only NATO, the US created Al Kaida but also Iran.

I wondered why Iran is also interested in re-colonization, by members of NATO Pact (+ Israel) of Libya and of Africa. From interesting discussions of Libyan problems at http://www.youtube.com/user/108morris108 , between “Morris” and “Leonor” I learned that Iranian “democratic theocracy” considers Khaddafi’s “socialist Jamahurdyia” to be a heretic regime.

Moreover, from an article of Joseph Stiglitz “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%” published in “Vanity Fair” (http://www.vanityfair.com/society/features/2011/05/top-one-percent-201105 ) I learned that “In terms of income equality, America lags behind any country in the old, ossified Europe that President George W. Bush used to deride. Among our closest counterparts are Russia with its oligarchs and Iran.”

Hence, I do suspect that this “theocratic heresy” of Muammar Khaddafi regime resides in its attachment to the socialist ideal of a society, where all citizens enjoy relatively equal possibilities of education, of health care, of well paid employment/unemployment and so on. And of course this is the reason why New Russian oligarchic government (which should be called “Zionist democracy”, like this one in USA) in fact has “sold” Libya (and Africa) to its traditional, 19th century colonizers.

Such conclusion suggests that subsequent targets of NATO Global Attacks will be all regimes which retain traces of “godless socialism”, in particular Syria, Venezuela, and in Europe Belarus. As Iran is considered, both “Leonor” and “Morris” agreed that its social organization is more “flexible’ than the one of Libya, which like Carthago of the past delenda est. (See http://www.aporrea.org/internacionales/a120324.html in Spanish and http://ekonomiapolityczna.nowyekran.pl/post/25573,libia-delenda-est-dlaczego in Polish.)

So it seems that it will take quite a time to realize this “God’s plan” of purification of the Earth from all godless, non-Abra(ha)mic regimes: as the press of Sept 7th observed, Libyan gold reserves were recently removed from this endangered country, in a convoy of more than 100 armored vehicles, towards friendly Niger Which means that followers of New Cartagina “dictator” still have means to continue their “mission” began 42 years ago


ELAC & ALAC NEWS FROM LIBYAN RESISTANCE # 115 / 2011.09.04 Webmaster : Luc MICHEL (Brussels) Contact elac.agitprop@yahoo.com http://www.elac-committees.org/


Ibrahim Mussa: “The fight is very, very far from over” Hasni Abidi: “Gaddafi is everywhere and nowhere” Muammar Gaddafi: “We will fight them everywhere and we will burn the earth under their feet”


The war in Libya is also and above all a media war. Everything is done in the media of NATO to believe in the “fall of Gaddafi,” the “end of war” and “the victory of NATO.”

All this recalls the “mission accomplished” (sic) of George W. Bush in Iraq in 2003. Or the victorious NATO communiqués in Afghanistan since ten years. But this year 2011, the power of puppet regimes in Baghdad and Kabul stops on the walls of the government complexes secured by the mercenaries of the Pentagon and special forces of NATO. And at the price of a condominium with the reactionary theocracy in Tehran, more or less shameful in Iraq, even hidden in Afghanistan. The Iraqi National Resistance, led by Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath, is fighting in the country. And NATO is about to leave the Afghan trap shamefully, as once the Soviets.

In Libya, it is the same. NATO is selling the skin of the old Libyan lion before killing him. In the country of Omar Mukhtar, where fought the longest anti-colonial guerrilla warfare against the Italians, that’s forgetting too quickly that Gaddafi, the loyalist army, tribal militias and Libyan patriots are still fighting with determination and rage.


The choice of Gaddafi, like Saddam Hussein in 2003, is the Resistance, the armed struggle and guerrilla warfare. The weapon of resistance in the asymmetric warfare of the West. “No mercy” Gaddafi announces on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of his revolution of 1969!

Muammar Gaddafi said that he “will not surrender” and “will continue the fighting” in excerpts from an audio message broadcasted on September 1st by the courageous Arrai satellite television (Damascus). “We will not surrender. We are not women and we will continue the fighting,” he said.

“Even if you do not hear my voice, continue the resistance,” said the Libyan colonel, his voice calm and determined in the address to his supporters in this recording broadcast on the anniversary of the Revolution which brought him to power on 1 September 1969.

“Libya will not surrender and will not be colonized,” told the Libyan leader in a second audio message of the day aired on Syrian television Arrai. “We will fight them everywhere and we will burn the earth under their feet (…) you will not find sleep and rest on this earth!” Resistance grew up in Tripoli, which will be freed step by step,” he added .

In Tripoli, the urban guerrilla war is on!

AFP speaks, still in half words when the bad news upset the NATO propaganda, of ” the chaos of recent days” in Tripoli, including shots from the cars towards checkpoints held by rebels , which left two dead and seven injured in forty-eight hours. There are “several sleeper cells of Gaddafi” in Tripoli”. LE TEMPS (Switzerland) wrote today that “The new call to continue the armed struggle launched by” Gaddafi “revives speculation about the existence, in Tripoli, of Gaddafi underground cells.”


Our brother Mussa Ibrahim, spokesman for the Libyan leadership, said by phone that day to Reuters he was for his part in a suburb south of Tripoli. “I travel a lot and I have no internet connection at the moment,” he added, referring the situation.

About Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, he says he was with him yesterday. “I accompanied him on a tour around Tripoli from the south,” he said, citing a series of meetings with tribal leaders and supporters of Muammar Gaddafi.

“The transitional Council and the armed gangs do not control our country. Our army still controls large parts of Libya. We will be able to take back Tripoli and other cities in the near future,” assured Ibrahim Mussa. “The fight is very, very far from over.”

In a audio broadcast statement on Syrian television Al-Rai, Seif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, said he was speaking from the “outskirts of Tripoli” and insisted that his father was fine. . “We are going to die in our land,” he said, claiming he was speaking for loyalist leaders who had met in the Gadhafi bastion of Bani Walid. “No one is going to surrender.”

“We must wage a campaign of attrition day and night until these lands are cleansed from these gangs and traitors,” he said in a statement broadcast on the Syrian-based TV channel. “We assure people that we are standing fast and the commander is in good condition,” Saif said, adding that there were 20,000 loyalist soldiers ready to defend Sirte.


“Nothing is more complex and costly to conduct than a war of the streets. Given their small numbers (for the whole of Libya, the rebels have only a few tens of thousands of combatants), the troops of the NTC could experience some serious setbacks before they actually impose their control in a city as large as Tripoli ” , analyses The Independent (London).

Moreover, The Independent reports a first loyalist counter-attack on Zlitan. And the Brigades of Khamis al-Gaddafi, whose NATO media tirelessly announced the death, are fighting in Zawiah and Zaruwah, 50 km from the center of Tripoli.

“Gaddafi retains his capacity for harm,” wrote Hasni Abidi, director of the Center for Studies and Research on the Arab and Mediterranean World, author of the “Manifesto of the Arabs”, and fiercely critical of Gaddafi. For him, “Gaddafi’s supporters have not said their last word (…) Gaddafi has prepared his plan in case of insurrection. One of the Security brigades was formed for a single mission: how to defend Gaddafi in case of insurrection?

That is, Gaddafi was aware of this risk. The man did not think the revolution was going to be as brutal, as determined. But he prepared for the post-Bab al-Azizia (…) his capacity for harm, it is much worse than before when he was in Bab al-Azizia. Today, his capacity for harm is diffuse. And he has no sanctuary to become an easy target. He is everywhere and nowhere. ”

The first offensive of the Guerilla aims of course Tripoli. Gaddafi, wrote Hasni Abidi, “prepared a plan first to make life difficult for the new masters of Tripoli. Creating chaos and panic. He knows that if security does not quickly return to Tripoli the whole process of transition will be postponed. ”

The battle for control of Tripoli is engaged. In a Libya, where loyalist forces are still fighting everywhere. “The green flag (of the Jamahiriya and Direct Democracy, ed) flies everywhere, from the borders with Algeria, Niger and Chad, to the shores of the Mediterranean”, says Gaddafi this September 1. “If they want a long battle, be it long. If Libya burns, who can govern it? Let it burn.” He also said that the rebels could not take control of cities still free. “Who can submit Bani Walid, Sirte or Tarhuna? These cities are home to armed tribes and no one can govern Libya without their consent”.

The pseudo-NTC can parade before the cameras of NATO or Qatari mercenaries made in USA. Its power is even less certain in Tripoli than in Benghazi. A situation that the pro-American (and pro-Iranian) puppets of Baghdad and Kabul are familiar to … Good morning Libya!”


Sources: AFP / Le Temps / Slate Africa / The Independent / AFP / PCN-NCP-SPO /Correspondents in Cairo, Algiers and Tripoli


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