There are no independent journalists in Libya, except those working for and reporting Mathaba in difficult conditions with communications under the control of NATO, which aims, through its ground forces to address these reporting the truth.
If NATO is not closed due terrorizing the citizens of vicious armed thugs who help themselves peoples houses and looting, rape and theft. Now that information comes in piecemeal, from time to time. Previously, when there was a wide range of sources of information from inside Libya, we were hard evidence. It does not matter now, but little has changed: the enemy forces do not control Tripoli, so a meeting of foreign masters puppet still take place in Paris.

Tripoli: There is a struggle, using artillery, in the northwest suburbs. In Salah Edden, three NATO rebel jeeps were destroyed with 6 artillery shells. Progress made in the southern suburb Azzawiya by heavily armed soldiers Khamis al-Gaddafi.
Bani Walid: After failing to persuade the sheiks and tribal elders to surrender Bani Walid, rats chose not to attack the city at this time. Defenders of Bani Walid self-confident, and determined to fight against colonial coalition [NATO] in the end. There were as many as 7 different conflicting reports on the number of NATO-rebel movements, tried to lay siege to Bani Walid. He also learned that yesterday, there was an unsuccessful attack on a NATO-town Rebel Alliance, which led to the destruction of hundreds of NATO-rebel defenders of Bani Walid. NATO rebel convoy is ambushed, and 14 insurgents were killed by NATO.

Sirte: the bombing of Sirte is non-stop. Power supplies in the city have been bombed by NATO. The remote city was besieged by men only, which are then released from the shot or imprisoned, with women and families are forced to return. This is an incredible war crimes stemming from hunger and thirst, and the whole town and dropping bombs, and missiles and sonic bombs. Where international protest, and where media coverage of the siege. It also reported that hundreds of people were killed in the bombing of Eid prayers at the end of Ramadan. The whole city to ensure that the pay for a slow painful death for refusing to give up their democracy and their loyalty to Colonel Gaddafi that originates from this site. There is fighting in Azzawiya. ITAR-TASS, reported on the atrocities committed by NATO and the rebels in this city. He claimed that the Libyan defense forces used tactical missiles SCUD against NATO and the rebel forces in Misrata.

Benghazi: It is worth emphasizing what is happening in Benghazi. Social chaos exists between the four centers of power in Cyrenaica (east of Libya): Obaid tribe, Haruba tribe, Islamic groups and mercenaries Middle East (from Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, etc.). It seems that this chaos has reached a critical mass. There are reports of clashes between different factions of the rebels and NATO there, and even the use of NATO air power against NATO and the rebels of Benghazi. It is possible that the tribes of Cyrenaica decided it was time to release all of Libya, and to enter into a union of tribes that support the Libyan Jamahiriya. Wind of change blows, thus in favor of Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahiriya.

Algeria: Algeria wants to send humanitarian aid to Libya. Syrian and Algerian computer hackers attacked the site of Al-Jazeera television station, which was subject to the emir of Qatar, where he is based, Emir of the lease time boy prostitute Hillary Clinton according to the detractors of the dictator. Government of Mali and Niger are concerned about the appearance of armed men, who could destablizie their areas, while Africa is preparing to send support to Libya to rebuff NATO’s al-Qaeda.
In the last 72 hours, the Libyan armed forces killed at least 128 militants and 25 vehicles, including 2 tanks, the report said. According to various estimates, from 70 to 80 percent of Libya is under the control of the Libyan armed forces and the tribes, who are loyal to Colonel Qaddafi, the report concluded.

unconfirmed news from: Aïsha (@al_Jamahiriya):#Russia helping #Qadhafi with their satellite surveillance and jamming of #NATO search equipment. #Libya, #Tripoli.
Unconfirmed: #Chinese assets on ground aiding #Qadhafi. #Libya, #Tripoli.

(source: Leonor )



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