LIBYA. Fighting back against Evil Forces. Truth of Resistance 9/9/2011

‘The Truth About the NATO/NTC War on Libya!
1. For 42 years Colonel Gaddafi used oil money to enrich Libya, to improve the lives of Libyans and to empower African states. This is why Gaddafi is alive, supported and continues to defy the West and speak the truth.

2. Both the West and the Arab world hated these facts because it affected their quest for power and profit. They wanted to lead Gaddafi but Gaddafi did not want to be led and instead used them as a stepping stone to his achieve his own aspirations and those he had for Libya and Africa.

3. 2011 – Foreign mercenaries pour into Libya via rebellions in Egypt and Tunisia, while Libyans and those in the capital support Gaddafi.

4. NATO then finds a few leaders amongst traitors in Gaddafi’s military, Al-Qaeda and elsewhere who send mercenaries and gangs to instigate riots in Libya to create instability.

5. The uprising is defeated by Gaddafi so NATO sends in advisers, then special forces and then it’s own special forces. NATO cuts off power and water supplies, destroys telecommunication centres and then bombs everything else including both military and civilian targets, including Gaddafi’s family.

6. Further special forces are deployed and a media blackout is enforced and subsequent western media propaganda follows from the likes of the BBC and Al-Jazeera news.

7. Criminals and racists are then armed by NATO and let loose in Libya, with NATO air support paving the way for unrestrained looting and bloodshed.

8. August 2011 – The Western media spreads further propaganda that Gaddafi is defeated and it is all over.

9. It is far from over. The truth is that the NTC/Rebels cannot finish the job as we’ve seen in Sirte, Bani Walid, Tripoli, etc and the NATO bombing campaign continues. However, the Libyan Armed Forces continue to control much of the country, fighting continues in Tripoli and major cities, and despite media propaganda, the people hate the rebels who are young reckless men with guns.

10. We all know that as soon as NATO pulls out the entire country will fall into civil war. This is NATO’s fault for aiding terrorists, for taking sides in internal conflicts, for telling lies and for committing war and war crimes in Libya.

The only person that can save Libya now is Gaddafi, which is why NATO and the West are trying their best to find and kill him before Libyans overthrow the NTC/Rebels, which will mean NATO and the West will have no choice but to leave Libya with their heads bowed low and their tails between their legs. History will show Gaddafi fought the most powerful enemy in the world and won! The NTC/Rebels will simultaneously be wiped out. The West will then feel Gaddafi’s wrath, not by war, but by him choosing to do business with the economies of Russia, India and China, rather than the failing economies of the West who now need Gaddafi’s oil more than ever.

Viva Colonel Gaddafi – Leader of the Revolution!

Masalaama! ‘

(source: youtube)



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