by Dennis South
Sunday, 11.09.2011 – 23:18

Bani Walid: after the NATO bombing of Bani Walid last night, the NATO-rebels, with the help of terrorist and mercenary apostates from Islam from Afghanistan and Pakistan tried to enter Bani Walid, but they were repulsed, just as they were repulsed in the city of Sirte, where they have poisoned the water.

Sirte: Sirte is in a very difficult situation. The roads in town are blocked. NATO airstrikes are constant. There are no drugs or dressings for the wounded, and there are no tools to perform operations. According to some sources, the water flowing into the city is poisoned. The NATO-rebels have not yet planned their attacks on Sirte. Apparently, NATO has decided to bomb Sirte relentlessly until all resistance stops. This is what was explained in the message that “” received from an assistant of Gaddafi’s, a former officer of the old Soviet Union and member of Russian Special Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Elias Koreneva (It appears that Lieutenant Koreneva is fighting right alongside the Libyan Armed Forces! he’s from the old Soviet school).

Lieutenant Koreneva also confirms the information concerning Bani Walid that is in the first paragraph above.

Lieutenant Koreneva reports:

“Fighters of the brigade led by Khamis al-Gaddafi carried out a counter-attack on a base occupied by rats and NATO officials at the Mitiga airport. This is the headquarters of the Military commandant of Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhadj. Several of his guards were killed, and a British helicopter was shot down. We will now go to fight in the northwest of Tripoli.”

Sunday 11.09.2011 – 23:53

Foreign special forces have been moved to Bani Walid for an assault.

Monday, 12.09.2011 – 02:51

Major events in Libya are developing now in five operational areas:

1. The central area (City limits of Tripoli),
2. The Tunisian area (Southern suburbs of Tripoli, the route to Tunis, Az Zawiya, Ajelat, Zouara).
3. East Tripolitana (Northern suburbs of Tripoli, Bani Walid, Misurata, Sirte).
4. Fezzan (Khoums, Az Zintan, Garyan, Ghadames, Nalut, Sabha).
5. Barga (Brega, Ras Lanuf, Benghazi, Tobruk).

Strategically, and the most intense, is the East Tripolitana, Barga operational areas. The colonial coalitions [NATO-rebels] are trying to develop an offensive along the axis of Bani Walid-Sabha to divide the armed forces of the Jamahiriya into two parts, so that they can defeat each part individually. This will make it difficult for the loyalists to regain control of the Libyan coast. Then there’s something about the “main rebel group” that is not clear.

Now more about the fighting in each of the operational areas:

Central area: Two areas of Tripoli are controlled by apostates from Islam, as well as Qatari mercenaries: Legation Quarter and the business centre of the city). Mitiga, the district airport, is controlled by NATO Special Forces of. There are battles in other parts of the city. On the night of September 9th, as a result of urban combat, resistance fighters killed 23 NATO-rebels. The battalion brigade led by Khamis al-Gaddafi launched an attack at the Mitiga airport and killed 10 British commandoes and shot down a helicopter.

East Tripolitana: Sirte is completely under the control of the supporters of Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya. NATO aircraft continue to cause massive strikes in the city, but, in general, the loyalist army air defence has not been suppressed. Over the last 4 days, not only have the loyalists withstood all of the attacks on Sirte, but they also took control of the village of Wadi al-Ahmar, located east of Sirte. The capture of Wadi al-Ahmar by loyalists of the Jamahiriya is a serious defeat for the colonial coalition aggressors. As a result of this fighting the rats have lost several artillery batteries, and 350 NATO-rebels were killed. In the area of Tawrga, a NATO-rebels column was ambushed.
On September 9, to get ready for an attack on the town as a part of the colonial coalition (unit of British and Qatari forces, as well as gangs in supporting roles of the TNC) defenders of the city suffered an artillery counter-attack, the attacking provoked a premature attack. As a result of choking attack, 1000 NATO-rebels were killed, and others were wounded. This forced the remaining NATO-rebels to retreat.

These big losses led NATO strategists into frenzy, resulting in their decision in the use of widespread cluster bombs, and most probably chemical weapons (mustard gas). The situation in Bani Walid, after the possible use of chemical warfare agents against city defenders, is not clear.

Tunisian front: There is fighting along the entire route from Tripoli to Tunis. During 4 days of fighting, the colonial coalition lost more than 150 NATO-rebels. The bulk of the Khamis al-Gaddafi brigade took Az Zawiya together with the neighbouring refinery. In Ajelat, there were heavy losses amongst the rats as a result of a successful ambush. Counter-attack forces attacked the French Special Forces base in the city of Zouara, killing 21 NATO mercenaries. This base has been attacked by Jamahiriya soldiers several times during the past three days.

Fezzan operational area:

In the area of fighting between rebels in Gharyan (information from armed women in Al-Assaba who fought back from the gangs). Ghadames was liberated from NATO-rebel gangs by the Algerian army. The NATO-rebels retreated to 8 kilometres from the city. The colonial coalition, not being able to attack through Gharyan, Al-Assaba (the proximity effect of Bani-Walid), is trying to attack via Az Zintan. But the troops and air support is not enough. Over the past 4 days, Sabha shot down 2 helicopters and NATO destroyed some of its own NATO-rebel groups.

Brega operational area: Fifty (50) NATO-rebels were killed in Brega. A powerful explosion occurred in Benghazi on Saturday, September 10th, presumably against a group of journalists of Al-Jazeera. The city held a demonstration with green flags in several areas of the city. The TNC does not have the strength to stop the demonstrations. There is evidence that they shot at protestors [see earlier report]. In Tobruk, there was also unconfirmed reports of an attack on a radio station building.

The Leader, Muammar Gaddafi, said that the earth is burning under the feet of the colonizers and collaborators.’

(source: Mathaba )



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