‘NATO militia admitted that they are not able to take over Bani Walid. NATO puppet officer Noraldien Elmaiel said that puppet forces are not capable of taking over Bani Walid, but instead will focus on Sirte.

This has caused huge confusion, this is one of the reasons why NATO militias have started killing each other in the outskirts of Bani Walid. NATO militias are divided, they don’t know whether to attack or not, they are weak and confused, also in a state of panic.

Foreign agents are panicking the most because they fear NATO will leave them by themselves at the end of September, they are the ones calling for an immediate attack. Although they attacked three times and failed, they want to continue attacking.

They have also previously attacked Sirte, hundreds of NATO militiamen were killed in that failed assault and were pushed back even further from the town. This was also testified by NATO militia spokesperson.’

(source: Ozyism )



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