The NATO rebels are bickering more and more among themselves and NATO is trying to come to grips with a number of its own special forces being captured in Bani Walid. Most of them are French, two are said to be English, one Asian and one Qatari. With NATO bombing the town of Sirte and Bani Walid and the NATO rebels attacking from the ground, the Libyan military once again repelled the NATO rebels, killing and injuring many of them, forcing them to retreat, as had happened the previous day. Increasingly, these defeats are psychologically having an effect on the NATO rebels. Each time the NATO rebels have attempted to take control of Bani Walid, they have been met with humiliation and death. This is especially amazing, considering the overwhelming odds that are in the favor of the NATO rebels with the most advanced militaries in the world fighting as allies with the NATO rebels.

Part One

Rev. Fauntroy indicated French and Finnish special ops forces were on the ground in Libya killing and decapitating Libyans. Now it appears the Libyan military has captured some of these special ops forces. The Libyan government re-iterated today that they have captured French and British “technical experts” in Bani Walid. The natural response from these governments through NATO officials is that none of their forces have been captured. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe stated,”We have no French mercenaries in Libya.” If NATO officials were telling the truth, they would likely have already bombed and leveled every building in Sirte and Bani Walid. We know NATO to be a big liar and we also know that it is their policy not to acknowledge special ops forces being on the ground in Libya. If you have a son or brother who is a member of this type of military force, when he is killed, your government will give another location of his death, not Libya. The UN Resolution 1973 specifically indicated “no boots on the ground” in Libya — not that the US, France, and Britain would adhere to that.

When the freedom fighters, the Libyan military and the Libyan people complete their victory over NATO, even the traitors will say to the French, British, Qatari and Americans, ‘YOU ARE NOT MY BOSS’

Part Two

(source: Leonor )


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