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Julien Tell examines in-depth the background, context and disinformation around the political situations in Libya and Syria in light of US/NATO intervention and crimes against humanity being committed in these regions, as well as the potential implications for Algeria.

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Mahdi Nazemroaya – Algerian TNC formed – Israelis were present in Libya

In this video, independant journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya from Center for Research on Globalization discusses about a Transitional National Council for Algeria which has already been formed by Globalists Stooges and also the presence of Israelis in Libya.


after Libya Algeria is next (Part 2)

By Dennis South

“In my previous contribution, entitled, “Algeria is next,” I offered my opinion that Algeria must now unite with Libya.  As you will see from the below excerpt, Al-Qaeda in the Maghrib has been rated by Western and Russian intelligence as being the best-armed military power in the region.  Algeria’s Foreign Minister, Mourad Medelci, told Europe 1 radio that Algeria would recognize the NTC once it had set up a “government representative of all regions.” He added, “When it has done so, we’ll recognized it.”

This cautious statement was issued, quite obviously, because Algeria knows that it would be foolish to prematurely recognize a bunch of genocidal maniacs, claiming to have the ability to establish a government, when, in fact, they are currently divided into many factions, all of which are fighting with each other at this moment.  Algeria would be stupid to recognize maniacal terrorists.  Algeria’s best choice is to unite with Libya, not the NTC.  Algeria has traditionally shared Libya’s distrust of Western interference in North Africa, and would do well to maintainthat distrust.

The below article notes that, aside from AQIM, which numbers no more than 4000, there are other rival Arab-Muslim groups in North Africa, vying for control of North African countries.  As I said in the first article on Algeria, Algeria now has no choice but to unite with the forces of the Jamahiriya to rid Algeria, which is now, at this moment, engaged in a vicious battle with AQIM, of all of the CIA-financed and backed groups in the area, including AQIM.  There is no choice.  To fight AQIM, which is heavily armed, will take unity. Algeria must not underestimate the conveniance of the northern countries, and their willingness and ability to disrupt the Algerian state.

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after Libya Algeria is Next…

By Dennis South

“Towards the end of this video, the very sharp, young Syrian gives his opinion that the Western machinations in Syria are close to being totally shut down by the Syrian government.  So, he believes, Algeria will be next.

The truth is, the war against Algeria has already started, as it is locked in a vicious battle with Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, otherwise known as AQIM.  Please read this call for a new vision.  Algeria and the Libyan government can agree, on paper, today, without announcing anything to the public, to join together as one unit. Algeria and Libya are fighting the same forces. They must, therefore, unite to defeat them.

Dr. Webster Tarpley has stated, for years, that Al-Qaeda is the private army of the CIA. And today, the enemy does not even attempt, anymore, to hide this fact, as even Barack Obama has openly admitted that Al-Qaeda is in Tripoli. Dr. Tarpley has been lecturing that the purpose of the U.S. is to destroy the nation-state, especially those nation-states that are strongly independent.

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