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Our systems are secure and up and running

A wide-spread coordinated Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack took place against Mathaba.Net today and resulted in the site being offline for around 8 hours while we slept peacefully.

Required action has been taken and no damage has been done. A DDoS is the type of attack used to silence a web site when they are unable to hack in. The strategy is to keep the site too busy to function.

The attack used around 200 IP addresses to launch the attack, meaning that several hundred computers were used. It is well known that NATO and the western terrorist intelligence agencies support censorship.

Mathaba has continued to bring the truth about Libya in its news reports, while all Jamahiriya web sites have long been taken off air by attackers, Mathaba remains strong and as the sole source of information.

Mathaba is subjected to almost daily attacks of varying levels, in attempts to close down the world’s leading independent news agency, however the attack today was perhaps the largest ever seen.

The attacker computers were all posting data to server using POST to post random data in order to keep the server busy and also some different DDoS attacks.

We apologize to readers for key persons being asleep during the first hours of the attack.

(source Mathaba)


SUEDE Après l’affaire Breivik, l’anonymat sur Internet en procès



Rwanda: African Leaders Should Stop Playing the Victim and Listen to Their People

Rwanda: African Leaders Should Stop Playing the Victim and Listen to Their People

The year 2011 will go down in history as a year when the North Africans emphatically said ‘enough is enough’ to a crop of long-serving leaders who had mastered the art of deception and instilling fear, both at home and beyond, to cling to power despite documented excesses.

Perhaps seeing no hope of ever successfully using elections to bring about democratic and people-centred leadership, ordinary Africans have refused to despair, risking their own lives by daring to rise against decades-old authoritarian regimes. Through popular uprisings and, in some cases, armed revolts, the people of Africa took everyone by surprise, including their own leaders, the African Union (AU), as well as other regional groupings. Continue reading