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National Transitional Council militiamen deployed a three-car convoy into Bani Walid only for it to be destroyed in an ambush that claimed at least four NTC fighters.
Fighting is also raging around Sirte.
Dr Ahmed Alsharif, who heads a field hospital near the city, said that at least 80 NTC fighters had been killed there since Saturday.
Militiamen loyal to the National Transitional Council have been besieging both towns since August.
Nato warplanes have repeatedly blitzed the defenders’ positions.
But the main NTC military force were forced into a headlong retreat from Bani Walid on Friday.
Now the front line is made up of bands of undisciplined fighters.
Western journalists near Bani Walid reported that NTC-allied fighters as young as 18 were spending hours smoking cannabis, shooting at plastic bottles, arguing with one another and sometimes just firing wildly into the streets out of apparent boredom.
In Benghazi today NTC chief Mahmoud Jibril told a press conference that the council had failed to reach an agreement on an interim government due to bickering over positions.
He had promised over a week earlier that a new administration would be announced within seven days.
nGadaffi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim claimed on Sunday evening that Gadaffi partisans had captured 17 mercenaries including fighters from Britain, France and Qatar.

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NATO’s “Victory” in Libya Genocide and Rebel Infighting

by Tony Cartalucci

Desperate to declare NATO’s mission in Libya a victory ahead of the September 19, 2011 deadline on their contrived UN Security Council resolution, already violated in every conceivable manner possible, NATO planes in tandem with NATO special forces obliterated Tripoli ahead of swarms of Libyan rebel troops led by notorious Al Qaeda thug Abdulhakim Hasadi (aka Balhaj.) Three weeks later, NATO’s proxy Libyan representative, long-time globalist and servant of the West Mahmoud Gibril Elwarfally, touched down at Tripoli’s airport, one of the few enclaves held by rebels in the city, to give the impression that his “National Transitional Council” (NTC) actually controls the capital and therefore the country.

In reality, Gibril (also spelled Jabril) is in control of nothing, apparently not even his own rebel forces, and stunts such as landing in Tripoli are desperate ploys to portray a sense of strength and resolve to garner continued “international support” as NATO’s deadline quickly approaches. Libya’s rebellion, despite the corporate-media’s disingenuous presentation, is divided along tribal and ethnic lines, with most of Libya’s rebels being motivated, not by aspirations for liberal-democracy, but rather by ideological extremism cultivated over the last 30 years by US and British intelligence in the eastern cities of Darnah and Benghazi. As NATO enables these violent ideologues to expand their control over the country, they are systematically committing war crimes including large-scale theft and looting, exiling entire civilian populations from cities, and wholesale genocide. They are also reportedly turning their weapons on one another.

To compound Gibril’s precarious situation, the few fighters he has that are following orders are stretched thin between attempting to hold parts of Tripoli, holding other towns and cities beyond their Benghazi stronghold, and attempting to siege entire cities still standing defiantly against NATO and rebel conquest. The cities of Bani Walid and Sirte, both claimed by rebels as ripe to fall “within hours” have now entirely balked rebel advances, causing many forces to flee with reports that fighters coming back from the front lines are overwhelmed and demoralized.

Despite heavy, and quite obviously indiscriminate bombing by NATO for the better part of two weeks, resistance in these two cities is still fierce enough to keep the rebels well at bay. It is quite apparent that initial reports by Gabril’s “NTC” that only 60-150 Qaddafi fighters remained in Bani Walid, were yet another lie and that the entire city’s civilian population is putting up resistance. The number of “resisters” has gone up piecemeal as the rebel operation drags on, with the number of “Qaddafi soldiers” fighting in Bani Walid well past 1,000 now.

Bani Walid is predominately made of members of Libya’s one-million strong Warfalla tribe, and is decidedly not interested in NATO’s sponsored “Benghazi liberation.” In the wake of NATO’s bombing campaign and special forces entering Tripoli and their setting the stage for looting, torture, and genocide, and after months of reporting on the Libyan rebels’ penchant for war crimes, the London Telegraph has finally admitted in short that the rebels are in fact genocidal racists. In the Telegraph’s article “Gaddafi’s ghost town after the loyalists retreat,” it is reported that rebels have taken the city of Tawarga, where the entire civilian population was either killed, rounded up, or exiled.

The article notes “racist undercurrents” within the Libyan rebellion, a factor independent analysts have been warning about since NATO intervened in March. The report also quotes rebel leaders as saying in regards to the vast amount of property left behind by the exiled population, “the military council will decide what will happen to the buildings. But over our dead bodies will the Tawargas return.” Another rebel commender concluded, “Tawarga no longer exists.” Of course, exiling an entire civilian population from their homes and arbitrarily seizing their property is a grievous war crime, and in this particular case, a war crime done under NATO cover, with US and British diplomatic recognition of the war criminals remaining steadfast, and even many of the arms and the training used to carry out such war crimes courtesy of NATO.

With the fate of Tawarga befalling an increasingly larger number of cities and towns amidst NATO’s campaign of “liberation,” increasingly fierce resistance throughout Libya, including by the entire populations of both Sirte and Bani Walid, is not unexpected. They indeed face NATO sanctioned door-to-door genocide, exile, theft, looting, torture, and in essence everything in reality that NATO falsely accused Qaddafi of doing to justify their military intervention in the first place.

Libya is turning out to be a NATO-led Hitlerian campaign of conquest, complete with collective punishment and ground troops carrying out appalling atrocities. The rebels are literally led by a US State Department and UK Home Office listed terror organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), who’s commander Abdulhakim Hasadi has openly admitted to fighting NATO troops in Afghanistan. What’s worse is that these facts are not revelations, but well-known inconvenient truths NATO, with the help of the corporate-media, has tried to bury, spin, or otherwise obfuscate until the point of no return in their Libyan intervention had been reached.

As NATO races to dress up their failed operation in Libya as a success so that they can escape an upcoming September 19 vote on continuing the UN mandate under which this crime against humanity is being committed, the lies will become more acute and the atrocities infinitely more brutal and widespread. Now more than ever do Libyan’s require a robust alternative media to cover the truth, “read between the lies” of the corporate-news networks, and ensure that this nation of 7 million is not buried by NATO in deception or the stark silence of public apathy.

Tony Cartalucci is a frequent contributor to Global Research.  Global Research Articles by Tony Cartalucci




It was published here that NATO Special Ops had been dropped inside Bani Walid and that they had been surrounded, taking position in civilian homes, keeping them as human shields. New reports from Russia finally exposes what happened to them. It seems they have been captured by the Libyan Jamahariya Government.

Elijah Koreneva, a retired Russian special force colonel said that these NATO Special Forces could be executed if NATO continues its brutal terror attacks over the town.

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Reuters confirm that NATO militias fled from Bani Walid, after lies spread by the same media outlet that they already occupied the town.

“Forced to retreat from Bani Walid” (Reuters – 17/sept/11)

The completely fabricated lies are continually spread, then corrected when it is impossible to hide the truth.

Ibrahim Moussa also confirmed that NATO militias were forced to flee Bani Walid and Sirte, also confirming that at least 130 of NATO militiamen were killed in between Sabha and Bani Walid, another 60+ killed around Sirte.

Other sources give a much higher casualty rate, one source estimates up to 200 militiamen killed outside Bani Walid, when they were forced to retreat, in the process 30 Tanks and 40 armed SUVs destroyed.

After another retreat and defeat, reports suggests that NATO has unleashed the most viscous terror attacks since the war began. At least 50 civilians (including children) have been reportedly killed in Sirte by the latest NATO terror attacks.

When NATO militias fled Sirte and Bani Walid, angry and frustrated, they turned against each other again, one faction blaming the other faction, and vice versa. The division is deepening as the Zero Hour is getting closer and closer. Libyan militias are panicking because they believe NATO will abandon them after the next vote for extension of terror operations.

Also many analysts believe that NATO cannot afford to continue this war, both in economic sense, and in security sense. NATO believes that the destabilization of Libya will only effect NATO member states in Europe, and will destroy NATO member state’s already fragile and almost dead economies.

Previous reports indicated that Gangs connected to Italian Mafia is smuggling weapons and drugs to Europe through destabilized and lawless Libya. This has caused Security concerns amongst the already fragile NATO member states where social unrest is high, and discontent towards NATO member regimes is even higher.

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One of our readers, zbrocer, sent us this video of Libyans from Bani Walid celebrating their victory, after NATO Rebels retreated and flee their city.

NATO was defeated multiple times in Bani Walid, latest video coming out of the town shows Libyans celebrating their victory.

The celebrations were held on 16/09/11.



New reports indicate that NATO militias fled Northern Bani Walid after their positions came under attack. It is yet not clear whether any NATO militiamen were killed or wounded. (Reuters)

Heavy fighting have been reported outside Sirte, as NATO militias try to storm the town, also special ops have been dropped inside the town to attack from within. The same tactic was used in Bani Walid, but failed as NATO militias gained heavy casualties and retreated leaving the Special Ops stranded inside (their fate is yet unknown).

NATO militias have received heavy casualties around Sirte, sources inside Sirte estimates that more than hundred NATO militiamen have been killed, but NATO militias claim that only 11 have been killed.

NATO militias are known to lie about their casualties and other events on the ground.

Fighting rages on as Zero Hour gets closer, and slowly intensified. NATO is not expected to continue the terror operations at ZERO HOUR due to the war’s negative image, and due to NATO economic failures.

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Reports suggest that NATO militiamen made another attempt to take over Bani Walid, but end up in failure, took heavy casualties and retreated again. It is yet unknown how many were killed in this latest assault or how many injured.

NATO has been bombing the town indiscriminately to pave the way for its militias, but the Libyan Army and the will of the Libyan people have stopped any advances in the town.

NATO militias have stated multiple times that they will take over Bani Walid in two hours, but for the past two weeks they have met nothing but failure, defeat and humiliation, because after every defeat, they have to beg NATO once again to start the terror operations, hoping that Libyans might surrender and submit to NATO.

This comes after Moussa Ibrahim vowed that all of Libya will be liberated and that more forces are being gathered which hints to the fast approaching Zero Hour. NATO militias are in a state of panic due to and have started fighting against each other.

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Divisions grow in Libyan ranks after failed attack on loyalist stronghold Bani Walid

Rival factions turn on leadership after the attempt to secure Bani Walid ends in chaos. Kim Sengupta reports from Tripoli

The rebels had fought their way in through the narrow streets and alleyways when they ran into an ambush. A desperate appeal for help to their comrades, exiles from Bani Walid whose advice they had followed on the assault, was answered by instructions to fall back to a rendezvous point outside the town.

But when the revolutionaries reached their destination, having fought their way out under intense fire, there was no sign of the Bani Walid contingent. Then, as urgent attempts were being made to establish communications, came salvos of mortar rounds and rockets.

By the time the opposition fighters had brought their casualties, five dead and 18 injured, to the nearest medical facility, they were enraged, accusing the Bani Walid men of betrayal. And some of the “outside” groups returned to Tripoli in disgust.

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At least 27 NATO militiamen have been killed outside Bani Walid in a counter assault by the Libyan government yesterday, witnesses report that the bodies were taken to a hospital in Alkhumes.

This comes as Abdul Jibril gave a speech to its militiamen in occupied Green Square, claiming victory while fighting continued inside and outside Tripoli. Within a week at least 70 militiamen were killed inside Tripoli alone by Libyan Army.

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‘NATO militia admitted that they are not able to take over Bani Walid. NATO puppet officer Noraldien Elmaiel said that puppet forces are not capable of taking over Bani Walid, but instead will focus on Sirte.

This has caused huge confusion, this is one of the reasons why NATO militias have started killing each other in the outskirts of Bani Walid. NATO militias are divided, they don’t know whether to attack or not, they are weak and confused, also in a state of panic.

Foreign agents are panicking the most because they fear NATO will leave them by themselves at the end of September, they are the ones calling for an immediate attack. Although they attacked three times and failed, they want to continue attacking.

They have also previously attacked Sirte, hundreds of NATO militiamen were killed in that failed assault and were pushed back even further from the town. This was also testified by NATO militia spokesperson.’

(source: Ozyism )