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Alrai TV reported heavy fightings inside Tripoli, heavy gunfire and explosions heard. This comes as the Zero Hour is quickly approaching, although NATO has promised to continue the terror operations, it is uncertain whether NATO members states would vote for the continuation of the operations because of the huge economic failures.

Libyans are aware of this fact, and as the Zero Hour approaches, fighting intensifies. Many towns have been liberated within few days as NATO militia factions turn against each other like criminals fighting over stolen bounty.

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by Mary Edwards

British SAS troops are now operating alongside MI6 and CIA officers close to the front line helping the NATO-rebel rats to coordinate attacks on the areas held by Libyan government troops.

As part of the intensifying attacks for the first time the RAF used a salvo of two dozen Brimstone missiles firing on multiple targets.

A formation of tanks and armoured vehicles was spotted shelling civilian areas in the town of Sebha, deep in the desert south of Tripoli.

The tough defense of the holdout bastions of Bani Walid and Sirte displayed the firepower and resolve of the Libyan resistance. Huge numbers of rebels withdrew chaotically from Bani Walid in a frantic atmosphere amid heavy bursts of rocket fire from the Libyan government forces. And there were no signs on Saturday, September 17 that the rebels planned a swift counter punch.

“This may be the worst front we will see,” said rebel Osama Al-Fassi, who joined other former rebels gathered at a feed factory where they drank coffee and took target practice at plastic bottles. “I don’t think we will have orders to move in today.”

The people of Bani Walid in the meantime are laying traps for the rebels. They covered a road with crude oil and then opened the roads for a team of rebel rats to pass inside. The rats where running together with a camera crew of their own, and when they reached the street the cars slid and crashed into each other. The people of Bani Walid approached the scene and killed the rebel rats. According to the heroic people of Bani Walid … many other surprises are waiting for NATO and the rebel vermin near the city of Bani Walid.

The rebel rats also had to retreat from Sirte today due to fierce retaliation by the Libyan government forces.

A battlefield report about a Mitsubishi pickup is now making the rounds as a cautionary tale.

Last Saturday, Libyan government forces left the vehicle — loaded with ammunition — in a conspicuous hilltop in Wadi Al-Hammar. Rebel rats rushed to claim the prize, but were picked off by hidden marksmen. At least 35 deaths were counted before the rats managed to retreat to safety.

Dr. Ahmed Alsharif, who heads a field hospital in Nawfaliyah, said at least 80 rebel rat fighters have been killed since last Saturday.

In addition tens of thousands of Tuaregs pastoralists living in the Nigerien city of Agadez continue to support the Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi and are crossing into Libya to fight NATO and the rats.

In the city of Ajaylat, where no fighting takes place at the moment, support for Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi and his government runs deep. “In this area, only about 10 percent of people are against Qadhafi,” said Khamis, a 45-year-old businessman, who, like many people here, preferred not to give his family name so he could speak more freely. “Ninety percent are pro-Qadhafi. But at the moment we are in our homes, worried and afraid about what is going on.”

In Ajaylat, the people said they were hoping that Muammar al-Qadhafi makes a comeback and were prepared to fight on his behalf. People here say Qadhafi made his country strong, independent and proud, while NATO and the West are interested only in Libya’s oil. As they sit and sip sweet black tea, loyalists relate the tale of a young man in the town who had not spoken since his birth 20 years ago. Last week he suddenly found his voice. “Victory for Qadhafi” were his only words, they say.

“People want Qadhafi. I can’t deny this,” said a resident named Khaled, 40. “We can’t live under the invasion. Even though they are afraid, in a few days people can fight again — men, women and children.”

Ramzi said people of Ajaylat are refusing to refuel their cars because the rebels are forcing them to drive over a photograph of Muammar al-Qadhafi at the entrance to the main gas station.

“It was an emergency, and I needed some gas, so I was forced to go there,” Ramzi said. “But I only drove over it with one wheel, and I stopped to apologize to the picture.”

Sitting on a carpet under the shade of a tree, the men say they know where Muammar al-Qadhafi is today — and where he will always be.

“He is in our hearts,” they say, almost in unison, tapping their chests with their right hands.

About Marie Edwards
Marie Edwards is an expert on Libyan affairs and a project coordinator for Africa. She resides in New York and may be reached at ThePressPhoto@optimum.net.

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