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Moussa Ibrahim was interviewed via phone by Al Rai TV Friday 16.09.11.

A summary of the key points of his message follows:

>>All attempts aimed at penetrating our defenses have failed. We have the ability to continue fighting for months, although the attacks and bombings by NATO are fierce and beyond belief.

>>Qatar does not want its citizens to regard the NTC as extremists. They repeatedly state that Mahmoud Jibril and members of the NTC are liberals backed by France and Britain. Qatar is a strong ally of the armed gangs that destroy and kill in the name of religion.

>>Algeria has come under attack due to the fact that it is a major economic power in Africa and has vast resources. Algeria is also strongly anti-imperialistic and pursues a humanitarian form of governance and diplomacy. Algeria has refused to cooperate with NATO.

>>Although there are many differences between NATO countries, they share common ground when it comes to dividing the spoils of Libya for their personal gain.

>>There is an imperialist conspiracy against Libya, Algeria and any nation with a thriving economy and vast natural resources.

>>The aim of the imperialists is the recolonization of Africa.

>>He cautioned against accepting media reports that create despair or confusion about the situation in Libya.

Moussa Ibrahim has issued a statement warning people NOT to go the Anti NATO march on the 18th of September as it is a trap set by NATO to massacre as much of the resistance as possible.. This before the UN General Assembly which may call for a halt to the no-fly zone. – A.I.

>>He stated that any messages to the people will come through Al Rai TV.

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Moussa Ibrahim once again sent a message saying that the leader of the resistance is in good health and the fight will continue until all of Libya is liberated.

He also said that Libyan army is gathering forces, possibly readying for the Zero Hour.

It would be interesting to see the events unfold in couple of days time.

(source: Ozyism)