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Correo del Orinoco International

This week Telesur welcomed home a news team just back from covering NATO’s war on Libya from that nation’s capital, Tripoli. On arrival at Venezuela’s Maiquetia International Airport, the journalists denounced the ongoing ‘fabrication of lies’ by mainstream media outlets and accused the international press of ‘producing the arguments needed for a continuation of the war’. The Libyan people ‘have been invaded by destruction, war, suffering and death, when the solution to the conflict could have been secured by peaceful means’, affirmed Telesur journalist Rolando Segura, who spent the last four months in Libya alongside cameraman Henry Pillajo.

Segura and Pillajo are among the handful of independent journalists who covered largely underreported stories that include: NATO’s bombing of civilian targets; the indiscriminate killing of black migrant workers by rebel forces; the million strong ‘Green March’ held across Libya demanding reconciliation between the government and opposition forces; the rebel takeover and silencing of Libya’s public broadcasting channels; and the fabricated takeover of Tripoli’s Green Plaza late last month – filmed in Qatar and disseminated by international mainstream media outlets, the video successfully secured recognition of the NATO-backed National Transition Council (CNT) as the ‘new government in Libya’ and convinced many Libyan embassy staff abroad to defect.

After an August 8-9 NATO missile strike killed 85 civilians, 33 of which were children, Telesur’s Segura interviewed Abu Mimiar, brother of one of those killed. Mimiar asked the Telesur reporter if the killing of his brother, a rural farmer, ‘is the protection of civilians they (NATO) talk about? Or is it that those of us who care for and support Gaddafi don’t deserve protection?’


According to Segura, who spoke Tuesday at a forum in Caracas organized by Correo del Orinoco, ‘there is talk of an estimated 1,800 killed by NATO bombs and, as a result of the entire conflict, something like 50,000 dead in total – persons who were massacred as a result of this invasion, this aggression, against Libya’.

The bombings, as well as advances made by NATO-backed rebel forces, ‘were made possible by the lies of the mass media that reproduced an editorial line without any questioning at all’, affirmed Segura. Segura’s blog [http://rolandotelesur. blogspot.com/], in Spanish, has been one of the only independent sources of news, analysis, and images in the aftermath of NATO bombings across Libya.

The Telesur crew left Libya late last week, traveling 36 hours by boat from the Libyan coast to Malta, an island just south of Sicily, Italy. The two crowded in a boat fit for 12 alongside 50 other passengers, all of whom sought refuge from war-torn Tripoli.

Since 19 March this year, the United States and its NATO allies have launched over 20,000 sorties over Libya, carrying out an estimated 9,000 air strikes. This past Sunday alone, NATO carried out 52 aerial attacks. Damage to the country’s highly developed infrastructure – including its oil industry, water supply networks, food storage facilities, communications installations, and public health system – has resulted in growing shortages of food, water, and medicine.


Speaking to a crowd gathered on Monday, Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Andres Izarra praised Telesur’s role in Libya and said ‘US imperialism’ had ‘sown together a new format for imperial aggression’ by using ‘the hegemonic international media’ to demonize governments opposed to US foreign policy. This new ‘format,’ he said, involves ‘instigating revolutions of color, revolutions of spring’ inn countries in which imperialism claims ‘civil liberties are restricted’. Demonization is followed by international media campaigns to topple anti-US governments and, if necessary, direct military intervention follows.

According to Izarra, this new method for attacking sovereign nations has ‘already had a partialn victory in Libya’ and ‘at this moment is a serious threat to Syria’. Izarra praised Telesur reporters in Tripoli, who showed ‘a city that was going about living its normal, daily life’ as international press attempted to portray ‘a dictator, Gaddafi, massacring his own people’ in order to justify NATO’s war.

Jordan Rodriguez, Telesur´s reporter in Tripoli at the start of NATO bombings, told the press that NATO is currently the only force responsible for ‘bombings
that are taking place in Libya’ and blamed the international force for ‘killing innocent civilians, women and children’. Rodriguez pointed out that while NATO bombs continue to hit populated urban centers, ‘we watch as the large networks like CNN and the BBC report on the precision of NATO bombs’ instead of the impact these bombs have on the Libyan people’s daily life.

According to Rodriguez, Telesur has ‘shown another other side of the conflict’. ‘When we (Telesur) spoke to Libyans from rural and other areas, many showed a great deal of appreciation for Moammar Gaddafi. We are talking about the poorest country in all of the Maghreb, before the arrival of the Revolution. The proof is in the statistics, in the hospitals that look like high tech clinics, eightlane highways, the highest quality education’, he said.

Rodriguez accused the US and NATO allies of instigating, arming and training the rebel forces. He said that when speaking to anti-Gaddafi rebels on the ground, ‘all they said is that they wanted ‘Gaddafi to go,’ giving no argumentation’.

Gaddafi was forced into hiding after NATO-backed opposition forces seized on weeks of airstrikes in Tripoli, capturing government offices and the presidential palace. Footage of the socalled ‘Fall of Tripoli’ was widely disseminated by the mainstream media and opposition forces received almost immediate recognition as the ‘new government’ in Libya.


According to Telesur President Patricia Villegas the Caracas- based Latin American news outlet plans to keep staff in Libya indefinitely as NATO steps up efforts to destroy support for Gaddafi and maintain the pro-Western ‘transitional government’.

According to Villegas, the station’s overall objective ‘has always been’ to provide a ‘voice to the victims of conflict,’ as was the case during the 2009 military coup in Honduras, the attempted ouster of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa in 2010, the popular uprising against former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and most recently, the NATO bombing of Libya.

‘We didn’t arrive (in Libya) alongside the invaders’, affirmed Villegas. ‘We didn’t arrive with the bullets…Other media outlets did. Other media outlets are riding in the rebels’ cars; others are protected by private securitycompanies. This is not the journalistic practice of Telesur. We have told this story since it first began’, she said.

‘Regardless of whether or not the leader (Gaddafi) is ‘correct,’ we have been witness to exceptional acts of aggression by NATO; of NATO bombs not only attacking military but also civilian targets’, she affirmed.


Over the weekend Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez praised Telesur’s coverage of the war on Libya, stressing the importance of breaking apart the media blockade imposed by ‘US Empire’ and its allies in international and local media networks. ‘I want us to award the Telesur correspondents with an honor, the highest honor given by the Republic. Those people are the ones telling the truth’. said Chavez. ‘Our recognition and admiration goes out to Telesur and its correspondents in Libya…What courage!’ he said.

(source: Libya360)





NATO propaganda machine would never broad cast these pictures of terror..

(source: Ozyism)



This is the terrorism which NATO has brought to Libya, it is yet unclear how many innocent women and children were killed in this terror attack, but soon we will know, and also we will see a deafening silence from those who claim to be “saving civilian lives”.

UN is a cheap and corrupt organization, NATO continues breaching every International Law, but UN is more silent than the rest of the coward International community.

Only some nations have the courage and dignity to stand up to NATO terrorism, that is the African Union and Latin America.

Although the vast majority of International community has refused to recognize NATO militias, at the same time, they have refused to condemn NATO terrorism.

(source: Ozyism)


NATO’s “Victory” in Libya Genocide and Rebel Infighting

by Tony Cartalucci

Desperate to declare NATO’s mission in Libya a victory ahead of the September 19, 2011 deadline on their contrived UN Security Council resolution, already violated in every conceivable manner possible, NATO planes in tandem with NATO special forces obliterated Tripoli ahead of swarms of Libyan rebel troops led by notorious Al Qaeda thug Abdulhakim Hasadi (aka Balhaj.) Three weeks later, NATO’s proxy Libyan representative, long-time globalist and servant of the West Mahmoud Gibril Elwarfally, touched down at Tripoli’s airport, one of the few enclaves held by rebels in the city, to give the impression that his “National Transitional Council” (NTC) actually controls the capital and therefore the country.

In reality, Gibril (also spelled Jabril) is in control of nothing, apparently not even his own rebel forces, and stunts such as landing in Tripoli are desperate ploys to portray a sense of strength and resolve to garner continued “international support” as NATO’s deadline quickly approaches. Libya’s rebellion, despite the corporate-media’s disingenuous presentation, is divided along tribal and ethnic lines, with most of Libya’s rebels being motivated, not by aspirations for liberal-democracy, but rather by ideological extremism cultivated over the last 30 years by US and British intelligence in the eastern cities of Darnah and Benghazi. As NATO enables these violent ideologues to expand their control over the country, they are systematically committing war crimes including large-scale theft and looting, exiling entire civilian populations from cities, and wholesale genocide. They are also reportedly turning their weapons on one another.

To compound Gibril’s precarious situation, the few fighters he has that are following orders are stretched thin between attempting to hold parts of Tripoli, holding other towns and cities beyond their Benghazi stronghold, and attempting to siege entire cities still standing defiantly against NATO and rebel conquest. The cities of Bani Walid and Sirte, both claimed by rebels as ripe to fall “within hours” have now entirely balked rebel advances, causing many forces to flee with reports that fighters coming back from the front lines are overwhelmed and demoralized.

Despite heavy, and quite obviously indiscriminate bombing by NATO for the better part of two weeks, resistance in these two cities is still fierce enough to keep the rebels well at bay. It is quite apparent that initial reports by Gabril’s “NTC” that only 60-150 Qaddafi fighters remained in Bani Walid, were yet another lie and that the entire city’s civilian population is putting up resistance. The number of “resisters” has gone up piecemeal as the rebel operation drags on, with the number of “Qaddafi soldiers” fighting in Bani Walid well past 1,000 now.

Bani Walid is predominately made of members of Libya’s one-million strong Warfalla tribe, and is decidedly not interested in NATO’s sponsored “Benghazi liberation.” In the wake of NATO’s bombing campaign and special forces entering Tripoli and their setting the stage for looting, torture, and genocide, and after months of reporting on the Libyan rebels’ penchant for war crimes, the London Telegraph has finally admitted in short that the rebels are in fact genocidal racists. In the Telegraph’s article “Gaddafi’s ghost town after the loyalists retreat,” it is reported that rebels have taken the city of Tawarga, where the entire civilian population was either killed, rounded up, or exiled.

The article notes “racist undercurrents” within the Libyan rebellion, a factor independent analysts have been warning about since NATO intervened in March. The report also quotes rebel leaders as saying in regards to the vast amount of property left behind by the exiled population, “the military council will decide what will happen to the buildings. But over our dead bodies will the Tawargas return.” Another rebel commender concluded, “Tawarga no longer exists.” Of course, exiling an entire civilian population from their homes and arbitrarily seizing their property is a grievous war crime, and in this particular case, a war crime done under NATO cover, with US and British diplomatic recognition of the war criminals remaining steadfast, and even many of the arms and the training used to carry out such war crimes courtesy of NATO.

With the fate of Tawarga befalling an increasingly larger number of cities and towns amidst NATO’s campaign of “liberation,” increasingly fierce resistance throughout Libya, including by the entire populations of both Sirte and Bani Walid, is not unexpected. They indeed face NATO sanctioned door-to-door genocide, exile, theft, looting, torture, and in essence everything in reality that NATO falsely accused Qaddafi of doing to justify their military intervention in the first place.

Libya is turning out to be a NATO-led Hitlerian campaign of conquest, complete with collective punishment and ground troops carrying out appalling atrocities. The rebels are literally led by a US State Department and UK Home Office listed terror organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), who’s commander Abdulhakim Hasadi has openly admitted to fighting NATO troops in Afghanistan. What’s worse is that these facts are not revelations, but well-known inconvenient truths NATO, with the help of the corporate-media, has tried to bury, spin, or otherwise obfuscate until the point of no return in their Libyan intervention had been reached.

As NATO races to dress up their failed operation in Libya as a success so that they can escape an upcoming September 19 vote on continuing the UN mandate under which this crime against humanity is being committed, the lies will become more acute and the atrocities infinitely more brutal and widespread. Now more than ever do Libyan’s require a robust alternative media to cover the truth, “read between the lies” of the corporate-news networks, and ensure that this nation of 7 million is not buried by NATO in deception or the stark silence of public apathy.

Tony Cartalucci is a frequent contributor to Global Research.  Global Research Articles by Tony Cartalucci













As I mentioned before, NATO has intensified its terror attacks, mainly because it has failed to defeat those who came in defence of Libya. Instead, NATO has decided to target women and children to show how powerful it is, and what its weapons are capable of. In NATO’s latest intense terror attacks in Sirte, over 354 innocent women and children were murdered, no mercy, no condemnation, no regret, just blunt murder and no comment.

These cowardly attacks against innocent, defenceless, women and children is an attempt to spread terror and chaos in liberated towns, but Libyan people are not willing to give up being free and independent. Living through 6 months of terror bombings, tortures, gruesome murders, mass abductions and rapes, Libyans have still refused to surrender against Imperialists. This shows their patriotism to their religion, and their nation’s independence.

(source: Ozyism)


Libye – L’incroyable débandade des rebelles 17.09.11

par Allain Jules

Brega et Ras Lanouf sont depuis hier, entre les mains des loyalistes. Hélas, les médias « meanstream » refusent d’en parler. En démocratie, lorsque des personnes ne vous veulent pas, vous organisez des élections. Visiblement, ce n’est pas le cas pour les renégats de Benghazi qui veulent par tous les moyens s’imposer par la force. C’est ce qui était reproché à Kadhafi à Misrata, non ? Aujourd’hui, le peuple de Syrte et Bani Walid ne veut pas des rebelles. Et que fait l’OTAN ? Elle bombarde ces populations-là, avec l’aval de l’ONU, qui ose reconnaître une rébellion.

L’ONU est une pute, n’ayons pas peur des mots. Elle s’offre aux plus offrants, en l’occurrence, les pays riches qui la financent. C’est ainsi qu’ils veulent imposer leur point de vue en Libye en commettant des crimes de guerre et contre l’humanité. Qui va donc protéger les populations de ces deux villes martyres qui ne sont pas menacées par les forces kadhafistes ?

Mais, c’est incontestable, les petites frappes occidentales se rendront bientôt à l’évidence. En attendant les prochains bombardements, que dis-je, la fin des bombardements qui ont lieu actuellement dans les deux villes, la population résiste. C’est ainsi qu’au abord de la ville ce soir, de nombreux cadavres des renégats jonchent la périphérie de la ville. Des carcasses des pick-up aussi. Ce n’est que le début.

On a aperçu aujourd’hui, des colonnes de combattants mis en déroute, s’enfuir de la ville. Hélas, les mauvais perdant parlent comme toujours de repli tactique…mon œil. On a vu, aussi, des véhicules vrombissant des révolutionnaires de pacotille, se retirer à toute vitesse de la ville de Bani Walid, fuyant l’assaut des loyalistes.

C’est maintenant que la guerre commence. Heureux ceux qui ont très vite crié victoire ! La vérité en Libye c’est que, comme l’indique cette vidéo, les populations vivent sous la terreur des terroristes du CNT. Drôle de démocratie où, personne ne doit s’exprimer en leur défaveur. Cherchez l’erreur !

(source: Allain Jules)



They said Ibrahim Moussa is dead, they said he was killed, just like they said Khamis was killed five times, then spread in the media like wild fire, NATO propaganda machine has no shame, no credibility, intentionally spreading lies, after lies, after lies, to help with PsyOpsWarfare (psychological warfare).

But these lies have been exposed by Libyans themselves, even though they hacked all Libyan News websites, bombed Libyan state TV, brought it down, brought them down even from Internet broadcasts, still Libyans manage to spread the TRUTH.

(source: Ozyism )




“Libya’s revolutionary fighters forced to retreat”

Although this media finally decided to report the undeniable retreat, absolutely no detail is given. The media outlet doesn’t say where were they forced to retreat from, and also once again down plays the casualties.

I suspect the source intentionally gives little detail to hide the failures of NATO rebels, even though they are backed by NATO terror operations and Special Ops Forces.

(source: Ozyism)



Breaking – NATO militias have been forced to retreat to Ajdabiya after more clashes around Sirte. Hundreds of NATO militiamen killed when they tried to storm Sirte, backed by NATO air cover and NATO militias dropped inside Sirte.

NATO propaganda machine and NATO militias have been embarrassed many times for making false claims, and exaggerating events. They claimed that they took over Bani Walid, but the next day they were seen fleeing from front lines, carrying as many dead bodies and injured as they could.

Also they claimed that they occupied Sirte previously, but soon after they were seen fleeing with heavy losses of over 300 and unknown number of injured.

The resistance against North Atlantic Terror Organization is still strong, and is slowly intensifying and spreading throughout the country. The Libyan Government has its own plot, as described in Qaddafi’s speech when he referred to ZERO HOUR.

The future is still uncertain.

(source: Ozyism)




New reports indicate that NATO militias were forced to flee the front line in Sirte after gaining heavy casualties, they have been pushed back to Bin Jawad.

NATO militias claim that Libyan army is surrounded, but in reality the opposite is true. Libyan Army attacked Ras Lanuf very recently, the question remains, if Libyan Army is surrounded, then how did they manage to attack Ras Lanuf which is 150km away from Sirte front lines?

The bogus claim is to create the illusion of victory, but in reality Libyan Army in coordination with Libya people have continuously set traps and has managed to control the battle field strategically.

This comes as NATO militias once again beg NATO to continue its terror operations, and supply them with more weapons because they have failed to crush Libyan people and their aspirations to be free from Colonialism and Imperialism.

(source: Ozyism )




by Tim Whewell

Leaders of one of Libya’s largest and most powerful tribes have told BBC Newsnight that they will take their own revenge on the killers of the rebel commander, General Abdel Fattah Younes, if the country’s new rulers fail to solve the case.

Elders of Younes’ Obeidi tribe said senior officials in the National Transitional Council (NTC) conspired with Islamic extremists to kill the general, whose mutilated body was found along with those of two senior aides in a valley near the rebel-held city of Benghazi on 28 July 2011.

Several of his fingers had been cut off, one eye gouged out, his stomach cut open and his body burned.

The day before his body was found, Younes – the most senior defector to the rebels from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s government – had been arrested on NTC orders, apparently over suspicions that he was failing to pursue military operations with sufficient vigour.

In an interview with Newsnight Libya’s new leader, NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, strongly denied any suggestion of conspiracy:

“There were some administrative mistakes by the executive cabinet. They have been investigated – and in the light of this we have decided to reshuffle the cabinet. These mistakes had nothing to do with the subsequent killing,” he said.

However, senior members of the Obeidi tribe disagree. Othman Atia, a tribal elder in eastern Libya told Newsnight:

“The conspiracy was concocted at the Executive Council – and they know who is behind it. They issued a summons to General Younes, they lured him, lay in wait for him – and then they did what they did to him.”

(source: BBC )




by Abayomi Azikiwe

Resistance by the loyalist forces in Libya has escalated with major clashes between supporters of the Gaddafi government and the U.S.-NATO financed rebel National Transitional Council (NTC). For over two weeks the western-backed leadership along with the imperialists have been pressuring the people of Bani Walid to surrender and allow the seizure of their city of 100,000 people in the western region of this oil-producing North African state.

After failing to convince the leadership of the city to give in to the neo-colonial aims of the NTC and their backers, several attempts by the rebels and NATO to attack Bani Walid and its environs have been repelled by the armed organization of the people. In these recent skirmishes, it was revealed that the Libyan military still maintains the capability to engage in both offensive and defensive operations.

Prior to the attempt to enter Bani Walid, the armed forces of Libya shelled with grad rockets the positions of the NTC rebels outside the city. When rebel units approached the northern entrance of the town they were hit by additional mortar rounds and sniper fire.

After the withdrawal from the areas approaching Bani Walid, the NTC rebels set out to reinforce their units in the approach to Sirte, the western coastal city that is a strong area of support to Col. Muammar Gaddafi. The effort to approach Sirte was also met with stiff resistance by the loyalist forces prompting the rebels to retreat 125 km from the city.

The prevention of the rebels from entering these areas exposes the falsehood that the Libyan government does not have continuing support inside the country. Prior to the invasion of Tripoli, demonstrations of millions of people came out in support of the government and in opposition to the U.S.-NATO war.

NATO escalated its bombing operations over both Bani Walid and Sirte in the days leading up to the expiration of the deadline given to the people to surrender. There were reports that NATO advised the rebels to withdraw pending additional air strikes against the loyalists in these cities still under the control of the government.

Additional offensive operations by the loyalists against the U.S.-NATO war in the country included the September 12 bold attack on the oil port at Ras Lanuf, a major focal point of the war over the last seven months. It was reported that 17 NTC rebels were killed in the attack that came after the workers set fire to sections of the refinery as an act of sabotage against the imperialist plan to steal vast amounts of oil from the state that prior to the war produced 1.5 million barrels per day of high grade crude.

On the same day, September 12, there were attacks against rebel NTC forces at the airport outside Tripoli where explosions were heard in the distance. During this same time period there was an escalation in snipping against NTC elements throughout Tripoli.

Even the New York Times admitted on September 12 that “Abdulrahman Busin, a spokesman for the council’s military operations, said the attack on Ras Lanuf was apparently a response to news that the council had taken steps to restart oil production, which had been one of the country’s major contributors of income before the conflict. He said that forces allied with the council were still fighting loyalists to bring an industrial area in Ras Lanuf back under control.” (NYT, Sept. 12)

U.S. Admits Greater Role Amid NATO Continuation of War

As the war in Libya escalated over the months since the beginning of the rebel attacks on February 17 in Benghazi and other areas in the east of the country, it has been revealed that the U.S. and the NATO countries have organized, financed and coordinated the actions and movements of the rebel NTC. The White House dispatched Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives to Libya to provide assistance to the counter-revolution.

It was reported during this same period earlier on during the war that British MI-6 agents and Special Forces were involved in the fighting as well as units from the U.S.-backed military in neighboring Egypt and Qatar in the Gulf. This direct ground intervention by the imperialist states and their allies illustrated the degree of importance that the ruling classes in these various western countries valued the efforts to seize control of Libya, its waterways, national treasury and natural resources.

Nonetheless, further claims gave additional proof of the deployment on the ground of U.S. military units. Despite consistent reports that U.S. forces had been spotted in the theater of war, the Pentagon has repeatedly denied these allegations.

However, it was reported on September 12 by the Associated Press that “The Defense Department says it has four troops in Libya—only the second time since the U.S. became involved there that it has acknowledged having any military personnel on the ground. The first time was in March when Marines rescued an Air Force pilot who had ejected over eastern Libya.” (AP, Sept. 12)

Although Navy Capt. John Kirby, a spokesperson for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicated on September 12 that the military personnel were only in Libya to investigate the re-opening of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli, in all likelihood this is part of a much broader strategy for greater Pentagon deployment inside the country. Why should the Libyan people or the international community accept these denials by Washington when the Business Insider stated “That (this) admission contradicts the Obama administration’s repeated assertions at the outset of the Libyan military intervention that no U.S. forces would be deployed to the North African nation.”? (Business Insider, Sept. 12)

This same publication later noted that “American officials have previously acknowledged the presence of some CIA agents on the ground in Libya who were reportedly helping coordinate NATO air strikes.” The Pentagon and the CIA also supplied the predator drones which were utilized to identify targets and to hit Libyan positions on the ground.

At the same time NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has stressed that the military alliance will continue its operations in Libya for the unforeseeable future. During the course of the war against Libya, there have been over 20,000 sorties and approximately 8,000 bombings.

In response to the increased resistance against the U.S.-NATO war policy in Libya, Rasmussen said that “We have seen also during this weekend that remnants of Gaddafi’s regime still constitute a threat to the civilian population. We stand ready to continue our operations as long as necessary.” (Xinhua, Sept. 12) The NATO countries and their allies have hosted several conferences aimed at expropriating the wealth of Libya where in excess of $120 billion in foreign assets were frozen over the last several months.

Divisions Among Rebels and Further Revelations of Atrocities

Already among the rebel forces there are deep divisions that may very well provide a false rationale for the large-scale military intervention by the imperialist states. On September 9 there were reports in the Tripoli Post that 12 rebels were killed by infighting among disparate units in two towns on the eastern edge of the Nafusa Mountains. (Tripoli Post, Sept. 9)

Other reports indicate fissures between the NTC rebel fighting units and the politicians that are invited to the conferences in western capitals where they are hailed as the new leadership of the country. Even among the NTC spokespersons, there are deep differences based on political outlook and distrust between the Islamists, monarchists, government defectors and the longtime CIA-trained groups that have opposed the Gaddafi government since the 1980s.

In addition to these divisions among the western-backed rebels, there are daily reports of atrocities being committed by the rebels against Black Libyans and Africans from other countries on the continent. Hundreds of Nigerians and Ghanaians are locked up in prisons inside Libya along with dark-skinned nationals who are perceived by the reactionaries and their NATO supporters as loyalists.

Some 20 Nigerian national were alleged to have been found executed outside the Gaddafi compound in Tripoli that was overrun by the NTC forces during the first week of the invasion of the capital. These acts of racism and genocide have played a significant part in preventing the African Union from recognizing the NTC as the legitimate government of Libya despite tremendous economic and political pressure from the imperialist states.

Perhaps one of the most shocking stories to come out of Libya was revealed by former U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, a civil rights activists and aide to the martyred Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fauntroy, who travelled to Libya during the earlier days of the war seeking to mediate a peace agreement between the U.S.-NATO forces and the Gaddafi government, said that he witnessed the beheading of people by Special Forces units from the NATO countries. (Mathaba.net, September 9)

Even moderate states in Africa such as Kenya are demanding the withholding of recognition of the NTC by the international community. Kenya’s embassy was specifically targeted during the invasion of Tripoli and the foreign ministry has stressed that until there is a clear-cut plan for a transition to a representative government in Libya, the NTC should not be given diplomatic standing.

Meanwhile on September 12, amid the escalation of resistance against the U.S.-NATO war against his country, leader Muammar Gaddafi issued a statement over Arrai TV based in Syria. Gaddafi called upon the Libyan people to resist the imposition of NTC rule over Libya and reiterated that the rebels were agents of imperialism.

U.S. Anti-war and Peace Movements Must Oppose War Against Libya

It is essential that the anti-war and peace movements inside the U.S. and the other NATO countries openly oppose the imperialist plot to destroy and seize Libya. There is no such thing as a good war of neo-colonization and occupation.

The lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq prove clearly that the conditions for the majority of people living under a U.S. occupation will inevitably worsen. The deterioration of the social conditions of people living under imperialist rule, either direct or indirect, will lead to greater military intervention and consequent mass deaths and destruction.

Anti-war forces must demand imperialist hands off the national wealth of the Libyan people. The rebels can in no way be considered the legitimate representatives of the people when they have openly collaborated with former colonial powers and the leading imperialist state in the world, the U.S., to not only topple the government of the country but to also approve the theft of its natural resources and foreign assets.

The war against Libya is the first full operational mission of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) which was established by the Pentagon in 2008 to increase military intervention on the continent. With the reliance of the United States ruling class on the oil exports and mineral resources of the African continent, there will be greater calls from the bourgeoisie to engage in efforts aimed at regime change following the same pattern set in Ivory Coast by France and in Libya by a collective of imperialist states led by the U.S.

Activists concerned with global peace and development should demand the dismantling of AFRICOM and the withdrawal of all U.S. military involvement on the African continent. Africa’s affairs must be the exclusive purview of the people who will always bear the brunt of imperialist intervention and occupation.

Abayomi Azikiwe is Editor, Pan-African News Wire

Web Sites http://panafricannews.blogspot.com

(source: GlobalResearch )



Reports suggests that NATO Special ops have been dropped inside Sirte taking position in civilian homes, fighting continues in the front line while the Libyan Jamahariya tries to take out the Special Ops Units in the City Centre.

NATO militias claim to have pushed towards the city’s entrance, but no evidence is yet to be seen. The Special Ops have been surrounded in the centre of the town and have no way out.

A similar assault took place in Bani Walid when NATO militias were ordered to push from outside, and NATO special ops attacking from the inside. That attempt failed miserably as NATO militias were forced to retreat after receiving heavy casualties, leaving the Special Ops stranded.

Reports that hundreds of NATO militias have been killed in this attempt to storm Sirte, similar to what happened in Bani Walid.

NATO militias confirm receiving heavy casualties, but continue to claim that they are pushing towards the city.

(source: Ozyism)





Every Libyan received a SMS something like this:
“The Libyan government wants that you on the day of 18th September
get out from your homes and fight the rebels”. Actually its a trap.
This SMS is sent by NATO and not from Gaddafi.
In the day 19 September, UN will decide about resolution 1973,
and NATO need an other massacre
(the NATO will do it faking to be the Libyan army),
so UN will have the excuse to make NATO continue this illegal war.

Libyans, stay at home on the 18th of September, 2011 !”

(source: Torr Russia via Eleonor )




Rothschilds warmongerers have no limit to reach their goal which is stealing the oil of Libya and enslave its People under Debts…

NATO has conceived a huge provocation in order to discredit the army of volunteers from Libya where the general population are armed in order to defend themselves against invasions such as that currently underway and from other African states coming to the rescue of Libya, sources indicate.

To this end, the NATO sources have bought Soviet weapons that armed Libyan in the past. On Tuesday 13th it became clear that NATO had purchased Soviet weapons in Latvia, including a few tanks and armored vehicles, also from Moldova and possibly from other countries. They are using a heavy cargo aircraft IL-76 to transport these weapons.

This plot was hatched by NATO strategists in order to paint in the colors Jamahiriya mercenaries, posing as an army of volunteers, to create confusion by killing civilians in Libya.

This will sow discord between the tribes and the army with their attachments of volunteers.

The aircraft was reported arriving from Moldova around Wednesday. A first confirmation that the mechanism is already running is given at this Russian news site: http://www.gazeta.ru/news/lenta/2011/09/13/n_2007561.shtml

Information for this report was taken from the Russian site “for Gaddafi and his people”: http://za-kaddafi.ru/node/3661 which is closely monitoring the situation in Libya and the illegal US-NATO-led war against Africa’s wealthiest state.

(source: Mathaba )



BENGHAZI, Sept 14 (Reuters) – Libya’s interim government said on Wednesday it would not move to Tripoli until the country is fully “liberated”, contradicting a pledge to do so by the end of this week.

The National Transitional Council said last month it would set up an administration in Tripoli as part of plans to build up democratic institutions and move towards holding elections.

“We will stay in Benghazi until the liberation of Libyan cities and then, after, we will make an announcement and move to Tripoli,” NTC vice chairman and spokesman, Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, told Reuters.

NTC forces are massed outside three main last bastions of support for Gaddafi — Bani Walid, 180 km (110 miles) south of Tripoli, Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast and Sabha, deep in the southern desert.

Fighters loyal to Gaddafi in Bani Walid are putting up stiffer resistance than expected and pro-Gaddafi forces this week attacked an oil refinery near Sirte.


(source: Leonor )



Heavy fighting reported in the Andalus district of Tripoli. Libyan Jamahariya forces attacked NATO militias killing two and injuring unknown numbers, two Libyan Jamahariya fighters were also injured in the operation. (Reuters)




Russian site za-kaddafi.ru gives a report, concerning the war in Libya. There are Russians and other foreign citizens some with military experience, in Libya who are offering solidarity with the African nation which has faced many massacres, and non-stop bombing by the US-European “NATO” alliance.

Libya has held out single-handed and entered the ranks of world military history by its resistance under clear skies, with no air defenses and six months on non-stop cruise missiles, bombs, and now also chemical weapons and the cutting of water and food to entire cities by NATO-rebels.

The Russian site reports that a detachment of seventy thousand (70,000) volunteers have come from Niger to help defend Libya, and that they are at the disposal of Colonel Gaddafi. In the towns of Bani Walid and Sirte, NATO used mustard gas and cluster bombs during the past week, with horrific injuries evident.

Sirte and Bani Walid have been subjected to constant bombing, and wide spread use of sound bombs to prevent the population from sleeping as well as cause disorientation and now also the use of chemical weapons.

All human rights and media organizations of the world, as well as “NGOs” and the “United Nations” have been silent on this matter, with only those governments that are not in the hands of the banking elite (including Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Zimbabwe) speaking out and demanding that an international tribunal examine NATO war crimes.

To this end some initiatives are now under way but seeking popular support as they are genuine and not motivated by money or funds, as is evidently the case with Amnesty International (which recently earned the name “Amnesia International” for its complete lack of mention of Libya in its 3-months publication June-August entitled “Human Rights Defender”) and other such organizations.

The noteworthy initiatives which are deserving of support are the World Peoples Conference on Crimes Against Humanity, which is slated for March 2012, and which is setting up a repository at http://www.worldcrimes.org as well as the Global Peace Initiative being led by Dr K A Paul, which is seeking one million email signups, twitter followers, facebook likes, and feed subscribers to demand peace.

The Russian site also said that in the suburbs of Tripoli, a “pro-Gaddafi army of volunteers from Algeria” killed more than 200 mercenaries.
It said that a fierce counter-attack came on three fronts: at the refinery at Ras Lanuf, near Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, and Bani Walid.

“It is not permissible to make Libya a colony again, and all that remains for us to do is fight until victory is won,” said Colonel Gaddafi in a statement read out via Syrian Arrai TV recently, although Mathaba has not been able to confirm the authenticity of the communication and is seeking contact with the TV station regarding this matter.

Adam King of the Green Book Center which was destroyed in NATO bombing near the outset of the war against Libya, even though it is a peaceful academic institute with absolutely no military connections, said that the words used and the message itself, did not appear to have come from the Leader but could have been an attempt by NATO-rebels to find a way to post messages via Arrai.

Although he could not confirm one way or another, he said that the things that were not mentioned in the short communication, and some things that were mentioned, did not appear to fit the reality, but he would not elaborate further so as not to disclose information helpful to the NATO-rebels in the event that this was not a communication from Qaddafi.

However, the Libyan leaders has given several other authentic communications which show that the Jamahiriya still controls the vas t majority of Libya, and even the majority of Tripoli, with the NATO-rebels controlling mainly the media and communications, as well as the air space. The Libyan leader and the vast majority of the Libyan population are continuing strong resistance.

It is expected that the Jamahiriya will regain control of its territory from the foreign mercenaries, or otherwise that people’s power will spread to other states throughout Africa and the Arab region as well as parts of Europe, the latter being in economic free-fall.

Forces loyal to Gaddafi sprung a surprise operation yesterday, za-kaddafi.ru reports, “deep behind enemy lines, killing at least 12 rats [Ed: NATO-rebels] of the TNC [Ed: so-called NATO-rebel Transitional National Council] during a raid near Ras Lanuf on the central coast.”

The report quoted Libyan Defense Forces military spokesman Mohamed Zawawi as saying “At this point, we have a figure of 12 dead in the ranks of the rats who were guarding the plant.”

(source: Mathaba )



NATO brought down Libyan website last week, the online news source was the only truth coming from the Libyan government side, every other news comes from NATO propaganda machine.

This explains why they attacked Libyan state TV and killed 3 journalists. It is an obvious attempt to hide the truth, and they are not afraid to do it openly. There is no more shame, as long as they win and get the bounty of war.

Users managed to bring the website back up through Google cache, you can see it here:

(source: Ozyism)



Moussa Ibrahim once again sent a message saying that the leader of the resistance is in good health and the fight will continue until all of Libya is liberated.

He also said that Libyan army is gathering forces, possibly readying for the Zero Hour.

It would be interesting to see the events unfold in couple of days time.

(source: Ozyism)