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Sept 9, 2011, The Truth about Libya and NATO’s “Humanitarian” Military Road Map – Cynthia McKinney, Mahdi Nazemroaya and Michel Chossudovsky speak at Friends Place in Toronto.

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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – Independent journalist who just returned from Libya, and Research Associate of the Center for Research on Globalization – GLOBAL RESEARCH http://www.globalresearch.ca/

(NOTE: Recording stopped because tape space ran out during speech, recommended further research check out What Really Happened in Libya? – Mahdi Nazemroaya on GRTV http://youtu.be/nsKx7kbvkJA Get the truth out)





NATO propaganda machine would never broad cast these pictures of terror..

(source: Ozyism)



The residential shown in this video, located in Sirte, was hit yesterday (16/09) in the middle of the night by NATO missiles.

These buildings comprises over 500 flats, most of which have been destroyed. No wonder that the number of casualties is in the hundreds or thousands.

Other civilian facilities have been bombed: cafes, restaurants, libraries and the TV station.

“The last 2 weeks more than 2500 civilians has been killed from nato only in Bani Walid and Sirte. There are so many injured.
So many children has been killed the last 3 days, there are no medicine.

Nato is a killer machine
The world is watching how nato massacres civilians.
Nato helicopters shot everything move in the ground. They want to kill all in Sirte. They want to kill every one who do not accept the ntc in this way they want to make sure that none will take or do anything against them.
Right now they are still bombing.They will kill all of them”

(source: Global Cuvilians For Peace Libya )





NATO has bombed a hospital in Sirte, after bombing a hotel and residential apartments in its latest intensified terror attacks. Almost 400 innocent people have been killed in these terror attacks.

This is not the first time NATO has bombed such fascilities in support of Human Rights. Previously NATO bombed a clinic in Zlitan, then NATO bombed a University in Tripoli, then NATO bombed a peace conference in Brega, bombed a village, bombed farms, bombed food storage facilities, bombed water pipe lines, bombed a repair factory for water pipelines….. etc etc

(source: Ozyism)


Movilización mundial 21 de septiembre: EEUU/OTAN Manos Fuera de Libia! Manos Fuera de África!

El “de EEUU / OTAN Manos Fuera de Libia! Manos Fuera de África!”coalición está conformada por organizaciones revolucionarias y progresistas de África en Ghana, que se oponen a la invasión ilegal de EEUU / OTAN de Libia / África y el apoyo Muammar Qathafi y la Jamahiriya para ganar la guerra contra Estados Unidos / OTAN y las fuerzas militares imperialistas NTC / Al Qaeda reaccionarios. La coalición está organizando una marcha de Kwame Nkrumah Círculo de la Embajada de EE.UU. para protestar contra los ilegales de EEUU / OTAN y la invasión de la victoria a Qathafi y la Jamahiriya el 21 de septiembre de 2011.
Hacemos un llamado a todos los africanos en África y la diáspora para demostrar a las embajadas de EE.UU. en el mismo día.


Hermanos africanos, hermanos y hermanas de los medios de comunicación, hoy en día África se enfrenta a la banda más famosa de ladrones a mano armada en la historia. África es como la casa. Libia es como la puerta de seguridad. US / bombardeo de la OTAN es como los ladrones con el bloque de hormigón para vencer a abrir la puerta. Si se abren Libia con sus bombardeos que permitirá a los ladrones armados que entran con sus armas apuntando a la familia africano. Su objetivo es privar al África a punta de pistola con el AFRICOM y la OTAN, apuntando sus armas a todos los africanos con sus dedos en el gatillo.En África, las masas han descubierto que las autoridades no toman medidas decisivas contra los ladrones armados que suelen conseguir algo de los ladrones y las masas se deben organizar y tomar medidas decisivas para llevar a cabo el robo a mano armada. Es hora de que las organizaciones de masas y la acción!

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“La télévision ALRAI confirme l’utilisation du Gaz Moutarde contre la population de la ville de Bin Walid

Selon la chaine de télévision Alrai, l’OTAN a utilisé cet après midi vers 17H00 le gaz moutarde, une arme chimique contre la population de la ville libyenne de Ben Walid.
Les journalistes de cette télévision informe que Sachant que tôt ce matin, l’OTAN a demandé aux insurgés de s’éloigner de Bin Walid.

Mort du chef d’ Al-Qaida à Bin Walid
Les nouvelles qui parviennent de Bin Walid font état de la mort du leader d’al-Qaida Mouftah Abdulrahman Abo shnaf . De source digne de foi certifie que ce terroriste a été tué dans une bataille de Wadi Dinar (la vallée de Dinar) hier soir.Aussi, les insurgés battus dans les combats contre l’armée nationale de la Libye, ont reculé vers la ville de Tarhona. Plus tard cet après-midi, les avions de l’Otan ont bombardé et fait usage des missiles à l’uranium appauvri contre des populations dans des quartiers de la ville de Bin Walid. La correspondance téléphonique (par mobile satellite Thuraya) certifie que ces bombardements de l’OTAN ont causé beaucoup de victimes mortes et des blessés graces et aussi que la ville est envahie par des fumées immenses suite à ces bombardements des avions de l’OTAN.

Encore de nouveaux bombardements de l’OTAN sur Syrte après une nuit de bombes sonores.
Après une grande bataille dans la vallée Rouge située à 90 km à l’Est de la ville de Syrte, les forces armées libyennes ont fait reculé les insurgés jusqu’à Ben Jawad qui se trouve à150 km de Syrte. Lors de ces combats terrestres même temps l’OTAN a continué en même temps à bombarder. Après avoir intensifié le largage des bombes “sonores”, c’est-à-dire qui rendent des gens sourds, l’OTAN est encore passé à l’offensive.Les bombes de ces avions occidentaux ont atteint des maisons de la population civile en causant la mort de 7 personnes dont 6 sont membres de la même famille. Les civils qui sont dans ces zones où des combats ont eu lieu, confirment sur page-FaceBook que 36 insurgés sont morts. 3 soldats anglais des forces spéciales britanniques SAS qui combattaient aux côtés des insurgés, ont été tués .

Tourgha, une ville vidée de ses habitants par des rebelles-insurgés.
La ville de Taourgha qui se trouve à 50 kilomètres à l’Est de la ville de Misrata, a été complètement vidée de ses habitants par les insurgés de Misrata. Il est capital de savoir que les habitants de Taourgha ont la peau noire. Les rebelles ont égorgé beaucoup de ces Noirs adultes pour en faire un exemple et terroriser tout le reste de cette population libyenne noire qui a été déporté.”

Bien à vous

(source: Leonor)


NATO’s War Crimes in Libya : Who Grieves for the Fallen Heroes?








by Prof. James Petras

‘The conquest and occupation of Libyan is first and foremost a military victory for NATO. Every aspect of the military offensive was spearheaded and directed by NATO air, sea and ground forces. The NATO invasion of Libya was basically a response to the “Arab spring” : the popular uprisings which spread from North Africa to the Persian Gulf . The NATO assault formed part of a general counter-attack designed to contain and reverse the popular democratic and anti-imperialist movements which had ousted or were on the verge of overthrowing US-client dictators.

Political and military considerations were foremost in motivating the NATO invasion: As late as May 2009, the U.S. and European regimes were developing close bilateral military, economic and security agreements with the Gaddafi regime. According the British daily, the Independent (9/4/2011), official Libyan documents found in its Foreign Office described how on December 16, 2003, the US CIA and British MI6 established close collaboration with the Gaddafi government. The MI6 provided Gaddafi with details on Libyan opposition leaders exiled in England and even drafted a speech for him as he sought rapprochement with the outside world.

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton presented Mutassin Gaddafi to the Washington press during a visit in 2009 stating, “I am very pleased to welcome Minister Gaddafi to the State Department. We deeply value the relationship between the United States and Libya . We have many opportunities to deepen and broaden our co-operation and I am very much looking forward to building on this relationship.”(examiner.com 2/26/2011).

Between 2004-2010 the largest oil and petroleum service multinational corporations, including British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Chevron, Conoco and Marathon Oil joined with military-industrial giants like Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, Dow Chemical and Fluor and signed enormous investments and sales deals with Libya (examiner.com op cit).

In 2009, the U.S. State Department awarded a $1.5 million dollar grant to train Libyan civilian and government security forces. The White House budget for 2012 included a grant for training Libyan security forces. General Dynamics signed a $165 million dollar deal in 2008 to equip Libya ’s elite mechanized brigade (examiner.com ibi).

On August 24, 2011 Wikileaks released US embassy cables from Tripoli , which described the positive assessment a group of leading Republican senators had made of US-Libyan relations in during their visit in late 2009. These cables highlighted ongoing security training programs involving Gaddafi’s police and military, as well as the US’ strong support for the regime’s repression of radical Islamists, many of whom are now leading the NATO-backed ‘rebel forces’ now occupying Tripoli.

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Besieging and Terror Bombing Sirte – Libya


by Stephen Lendman

“In his latest article, Paul Craig Roberts calls America “utterly corrupt” and “certainly no ‘light unto the world.’ ”

In her latest article, Diana Johnstone said “Western ‘democracy’ is in danger of being gradually reduced to a mere ideological excuse to attack, ravage and pillage other people’s countries.”

It’s official policy, in fact, because the business of America is war, permanent war against humanity by military, financial, political and other means.

As a result, terrorizing and destroying the Libya that was continues, focused heavily on what’s called Gaddafi loyalists’ last stronghold.

No matter the death, destruction and human misery already caused.

Or that Tripoli residents are now terrorized by a continuing bloodbath. Anyone believed to be pro-Gaddafi is under threat of death.

No matter also that Sirte, a city of 100,000, is being terror bombed relentlessly, perhaps intending to turn it to rubble. It wouldn’t be the first time Washington and its Western allies did it. More on that below.

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U.S. Congressman Witnessed European Special Forces Beheading Libyans


by Valencia Mohammed

“Former U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who recently returned from a self-sanctioned peace mission to Libya, said he went into hiding for about a month in Libya after witnessing horrifying events in Libya’s bloody civil war — a war that Fauntroy claims is backed by European forces.

Fauntroy’s sudden disappearance prompted rumors and news reports that he had been killed.

In an interview inside his Northwest D.C. home last week, the noted civil rights leader, told the Afro that he watched French and Danish troops storm small villages late at night beheading, maiming and killing rebels and loyalists to show them who was in control.

“‘What the hell’ I’m thinking to myself. I’m getting out of here. So I went in hiding,” Fauntroy said.

The rebels told Fauntroy they had been told by the European forces to stay inside. According to Fauntroy, the European forces would tell the rebels, “‘Look at what you did.’ In other words, the French and Danish were ordering the bombings and killings, and giving credit to the rebels.

“The truth about all this will come out later,” Fauntroy said.

While in Libya, The former congressman also said he sat down with Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi for a one-on-one conversation. Gaddafi has ruled Libya since 1969, when he seized power in a military coup.

Fauntroy said he spoke with Gaddafi in person and that Gaddafi assured him that if he survived these attacks, the mission to unite African countries would continue.

“Contrary to what is being reported in the press, from what I heard and observed, more than 90 percent of the Libyan people love Gaddafi,” Fauntroy said. “We believe the true mission of the attacks on Gaddafi is to prevent all efforts by African leaders to stop the recolonization of Africa.”

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Libya: The Horror…the Horror!

09.08.2011. By Toni Segovia

Colonel Walter E. Kurtz: I’ve seen horrors… horrors that you’ve seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that… but you have no right to judge me. It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror… Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror. Continue reading



A la Otan no le importa nuestra sangre y está matando libios sin parar.

En estos momentos la mayoría de los libios no pueden pensar en nada más que en parar este gran río de sangre que la OTAN está provocando con los aviones, misiles y helicópteros.
“Ni siquiera podemos pensar en quien queremos que nos gobierne, tenemos tantos muertos, tanto sufrimiento”
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Nigeria protests killing of its nationals in Libya

Amb. Olugbenga Ashiru

Nigeria is protesting to Libya’s Transitional National Council (TNC), Britain and France the killing of its nationals in the troubled North African country.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Amb. Olugbenga Ashiru abandoned a church service yesterday to take distress calls of Nigerians in Libya, including their co-ordinator, Mr. Daramola Siji.
Nigerians are being attacked in Tripoli, Benghazi, Gath, Agadez and Sirte, the hometown of the embattled Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, whose 42-year grip on power has been removed by a six-month insurgency.
A source said: “Unharmed Nigerians are being killed in tens for no just cause. In some instances, they rape Nigerian women before shooting them to death.
“Yet, this is the same TNC that the Federal Government is backing in Libya. The blacks are not involved in Libyan crisis; they do not deserve this massacre.”

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Report from Zawiya, Sirte, Bani Walid


A friend reports from Zawiya very desperate. The control of the city is now in the hands of the rebels. People are still arrested and even sometimes executed on the streets and very often by very deliberate methods (T. said the same is happening in tripolis). The reasons of being arrested are very deliberate and wilful. Sometimes the face of a passerby or the way he is looking may be sufficient for arrest. Therefore most of the people stay at homes and to not leave their houses – especially for protecting their children. Gunfire still can be heard.

In Sirte and Bani Walid there is heavy bombing all the time. The hospitals in Sirt are running out of medicaments and very often surgery has to be effected without narcotics – even for children. There are no narcotics available anymore. The civilians are suffering of the cutting of water supplies and electricity. Many victims still lay under the ruins of past bombings but cannot be evacuated because all rescue people are also attacked from the air. Civilians intending to leave the city has been killed Form Bani Walid only little news is available because the telephones to there are cut. But according to the rumours running in Tripoli the bombing of the last days must have been violent and the causalities very high. (Nato is hiding where they realy are bombing).

(source: Leonor )


Libya Carnage: NATO in Sirte 2011 doing what the Luftwaffe did in Gernika 1937. A Call to Action.

05.09.2011. By Toni Segovia.
A new Gernika  is happening in Sirte (Libya) with NATO taking the role of the German Luftwaffe. As the rebels could have never won the Spanish Civil War without the intervention of Italy & Germany on their side, the use of Morocco mercenaries to terrorise civilians & the passivity of Britain & France; the rebels in Libya could have never overrun the Libyan Army without the intervention of NATO on their side, the use of Al Qaeda, Qatar & Afghan mercenaries to terrorise civilians & the passivity of Russia & China.

The city is being obliterated for resisting the attacks of the rebels, incapable of taking the city by themselves. Hundreds of civilians have been killed & wounded by NATO warplanes  bombing 24/7 not letting rescue teams help those under the rubble. A major war crime is being hidden to the world by the collusion of US, EU & Arab news corporations with NATO & the inaction of the International Red Cross & “humanitarian” NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) chiefly among them Amnesty International (Britain), Human Rights Watch (USA), Médecins Sans Frontières (France). These organizations work to justify wars of aggression by NATO through UN & media hype but fail miserably to report on NATO & NATO-controlled rebels atrocities in Libya which are publicly known & verifiable. Their silence is complicity. Continue reading

Interview de Thierry Meyssan du 02.09.11 sur l’attaque de Tripoli par l’OTAN et l’Armée du Qatar – Libya

En ces temps de Manipulation médiatique et de contrôle total de l’OTAN sur les Médias occidentaux ‘Mainstream’, des témoignages tels que celui du journaliste d’investigation Thierry Meyssan sont à rechercher sur des Médias encore indépendants aux gouvernements occidentaux et aux toutes puissantes corporations, dans le cas présent une radio francophone iranienne.

Interview exclusive de Thierry Meyssan, journaliste indépendant et président du Réseau Voltaire à la radio francophone iranienne sur l’attaque de Tripoli par l’armée du Qatar les 21 et 22 août 2011. Opération Sirène (Mermaid by NATO) de l’OTAN.


“We must file war crime charges against Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, and NATO.”

by Joanna Moriarty

from Susan Lindauer: Hey guys! This response is from Joanna Moriarty herself. She asked me to post it for her.

Joanna says:

“We have so much documentation that it make your head spin. We spoke with 250 rebels who were released by the Tribal Leaders with the blessings of Ghadafi, the stories they tell of the atrocities that they did are horrifying we have them on tape. We also have many rebels that are documented admitting all the atrocities that they themselves committed. But, here is one truth that is irrefutable – the 2000 tribes of Libya are the actual government here, if anyone does not know this then they do not know Libya. These tribal leaders released 150 rebel prisoners 3 weeks ago, 10 days later another 250 were released. There were about 20 foreigners that witnessed this magnificent show of forgiveness, we have this on tape. There is another release of 200 prisoners in these coming days.

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Y Sirte? La OTAN está devastando Libia de forma paulatina bombardeando civiles y aterrorizándolos con mercenarios de Al Qaeda . Los libios se resisten a la ocupación.

03.09.11. Por Toni Segovia. La guerra en Libia en la que la OTAN participa de forma activa al lado de los rebeldes está castigando a la población civil de forma muy dura. Servicios de agua y luz funcionan mal en el área de Tripoli. Los productos básicos se han encarecido un 50%. La actividad productiva está casi parada.

El terror sigue por las calles. La OTAN colabora con miembros de AlQaeda en su lucha contra el ejército libio. Ha puesto en cargo de la seguridad de Trípoli un viejo amigo de Bin Laden Abdel Hakim Belhadj. Continue reading

NATO prepares bloodbath in Sirte

NATO Zionists Controlled Butchers Vow To Stay In Libya

NATO says that with the Gaddafi regime ousted, it is close to success in Libya. Nevertheless, the alliance promised to remain in the region in order to secure its UN mandate.

During a briefing in Naples on Tuesday, NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu told the media:“The NATO mission is important, it’s effective and it’s still necessary in order to protect civilians. As long as threats remain, there’s still a job to be done and we will get that job done.”

(source RT)