Deceit at your fingertips (We ain’t buying it)


We “live” the war through our blackberrys. One click away from world miseries

Some prefer using them to check what’s up with their favorite brainless celebrities

The Empire and Evil both start with an “E” is that why they commit felonies ?

Can you feel our brothers’ sorrow when losing their families ?

I got LIBYA on my mind and don’t trust what mainstream medias tell me

I know who they work for so I don’t let them feed me

I fill up my brain with truth, not the one I chose, but the one that actually is

Don’t even dare thinking there are as many as the flavors in your smoothies

She is the one I want coz she’s the one and only, the one I report daily

Not the one you see on TV, because what I expose is called crime against humanity

They take tough stances in their white shoes  / dark suits

They’re the one who send our troops but they never held a gun nor put on army boots 

Die die die for the Empire, make them richer than the devil himself

So they can keep playing with your minds and your health

The irony of it all is that you fight against each other for the ones who steal your nation’s wealth



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